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Interview: Twisted Twin Productions


One of the problems of life that continually vex me is what the hell to do with all the dead hookers. It’s almost a weekly distraction for me and it gets in the way of all the grave robbing. Not even quantum mechanics has come up with a theory to solve such an issue because the equation. Never seems to equal a dead hooker! I know, maybe that dude in the wheelchair with the robot … Continue reading

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Horrors of Humanity: Dead Baby Horrors?


Happy New Year and Some Dead Babies Too! Welcome to yet another year my dear readers. That is unless you have died, then if you are dead and still reading this article that means you are the undead and should give me a call on my cell phone because I have some things I need you to do for me.  If you have not, well either get your eyes checked or ask the doctor for … Continue reading

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Interview: Jenny Spain (DeadGirl)


Greetings my naughty little fiends! Today we discuss a subject close to my nocturnally maladjusted heart; a dead girl, or more correctly Dead Girl. Unlike what’s packed tight within my chest freezer in the next room, Dead Girl is a film; a film written by the one and only Trent Haaga and starring the enchanting Jenny Spain. If you do not know who Trent Haaga or Jenny Spain are then you should return your head … Continue reading

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Horrors of Humanity: Merry Ugly Christmas


It was that early hour of Christmas morning where the blackness of night still lurks its tenebrous unknown beyond the window. This was the witching hour for the excited children of the world around. It was their calling Sabbath of greed upon still innocent hearts. This was the time of wonder relegated only to youth as most parents slept their unconscious temporal death. Young Mike and Dai silently wandered in curious descent into the living … Continue reading

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