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Interview: Jenny Spain (DeadGirl)

Greetings my naughty little fiends! Today we discuss a subject close to my nocturnally maladjusted heart; a dead girl, or more correctly Dead Girl. Unlike what’s packed tight within my chest freezer in the next room, Dead Girl is a film; a film written by the one and only Trent Haaga and starring the enchanting Jenny Spain. If you do not know who Trent Haaga or Jenny Spain are then you should return your head beneath those sodden rocks and continue falsely existing within that delusion you call a “life”.

Dead Girl is a film that chronicles more than just a “dead girl”. On many levels it is a cinematic representation of the angst and internal moral and ethical struggles of the evolving collective psyche of youth. It is a film that will exhume personal demons within the consciousness of each and every viewer, leaving one asking the question of what would you do if you found yourself in those circumstances. Speaking personally, and I can do that because I am writing this and you are not, I do not have to ask those questions because I already know the answer; just ask the dead girl ground up in my freezer like fresh coffee. No, I am kidding…or am I?

The dead girl in Dead Girl is played by the beautiful Jenny Spain. Jenny is an up and coming figure in the horror genre and, as you can tell by her images, an amazing model! Jenny is a good friend of yours truly and has agreed to spend some time with me to discuss her views on horror and dead chicks. Welcome to the world of Jenny Spain….

Necro: How did you become involved with the film Dead Girl?

Jenny Spain: Friends of mine Alex Soto and Brendan Davis contacted me about it. Soon after I was contacted by directors Gadi Harel and Marcel Sarmiento .They asked me to do a home video audition since I was in Michigan. They gave me a list of things they wanted me to do. When they contacted me I was actually watching Shawn Of The Dead. All I could picture was Nick Frost and Simon Pegg throwing records at this zombie chick in their backyard. I did a couple different videos exactly if not more than what they asked and the directors/writers/producers all saw the videos I sent and they loved them! Soon enough I was offered the part.

Necro: What motivated your “dead girl” character?

Jenny Spain: Of course self motivation and the other actors. We really had to support and motivate each other. Nobody wanted to do it; the characters in Deadgirl are just so extreme so we just had to feed off each other. It is a brilliant movie. When I was giving the script just reading it was pretty motivating. It such a genre busting, something new and I’ve never seen in all the horror movies I have watched. Deadgirl is something new and never done before and will give a new name in horror. All I can say is that is pretty f*cking motivating!

Necro: What was the most difficult aspect of playing the dead girl?

Jenny Spain: There are all these controversial things that happen to this girl and in this film. I literally had to mentally put myself in a safe place. This is the type of movie that if you don’t prepare yourself it could really mess you up. I think the most scariest part about the movie is just the reality of it and the most challenging was playing the victim.

Necro: Describe the best, worst, and most strange experience you had while filming Dead Girl?

Jenny Spain: The best was the cast and the directors Gadi Harel and Marcel Sarmiento. This is the kind of movie that pretty much brought everyone together like a family. Deadgirl was so extreme that we all gave the emotional encouragement and support that we all needed to make this movie happen. The worst was actually having to go through a play a victim. Nobody wants to play the victim. It was extremely challenging. The strangest..haha..well..you will just have to see the movie! There is plenty of strange things that happen that you could only imagine what we all went through on set.

Necro: What are your ultimate aspirations as an actress?

Jenny Spain: I want to learn as much as I can. I like to observe and watch. My main goal is to provide something new to everyone. I feel I really succeeded on my part in Deadgirl because it’s never been done and that’s what I want to continue to do. I like change and I like challenges.

Necro: What has been the public reaction to the film so far?

Jenny Spain: Everyone seems to have mixed feelings about it. Some love it and some hate it. I think maybe because some people might be able to relate on some certain levels. Deadgirl has just so much wrong material that pushes it to the edge. It is a movie that will affect you on many levels, good or bad.

Necro: What can you tell us about your experience with Ghosthunter’s? How did that come about?

Jenny Spain: The guys are awesome. Very cool and genuine people. I know them through a friend of mine who is a Mythbuster. I was in L.A the time they were investigating the Queen Mary and I was asked to drop by for their Lecture and Ghosthunt. I had the opportunity to investigate with Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson and Chris Fleming. Some of the coolest people you will ever meet. I didn’t have much time but the evidence that was caught in the short amount of time I was there was worth it all the way! If your interested in paranormal I recommend to check out unknownmagazine. com lots of cool audio, pictures and video.

Necro: You have a good deal of interest in the paranormal. What are your beliefs on the subject?

Jenny Spain: Well we are not alone I can tell you that. I have had quite a few paranormal experiences throughout the years that have made me a believer. Its such a delicate subject. I think everyone has had a paranormal experience whether they recognize it or not. If people think that humans are the only beings on this earth then they are naive and close minded.

Necro: What would you do if you found a dead body?

Jenny Spain: Hmmmmm..It depends on if its still warm..lol. j/k Not sure. I really hope I don’t ever have to see one. For the spfx on Deadgirl my make-up artist Jim Ojala actually had to do some research to make me actually look like I was dead and rotting by pulling up actual pictures of a deadgirl. Every day I got to look at those pictures so not sure how it would affect me in real life.

Necro: The film deals with some in depth psychological elements in regard to the psyche of young adults and its potential for dark and twisted turns. What are your feelings in regard to how the film conveys the reality beyond much of the conflict and confusion within the minds of today’s youth?

Jenny Spain: It really is a dark movie based on youth. The reality of it is frightening enough knowing the challenges our society faces a day just to be accepted. Deadgirl pushes a message out there to the viewers about what really happens or can happen. It’s really left up to the viewers to decide what that message is. It’s definitely an eye opener.

Necro: Do you hope to have the title of Scream Queen applied to you one day, or do you find that such a appellation limits ones growth or potential as an actress within one genre?

Jenny Spain: I grew up watching horror flicks and I would love to stay in that genre so having the title of a Scream Queen would be an honor. I’m a huge fan of horror films and looking forward to appearing in many more.

Necro: What other films have you appeared in?

Jenny Spain: I have done a few short films nothing major but enough to say I’m experienced. Most recent is called “All the fake girls” which was a winning film in Lansing and Detroit, Michigan. I am making my feature Debut in Deadgirl so yes this is my big break. Deadgirl has also been extremely successful in the festival circuit as well.

Necro: You are also a model. What has been your greatest experience with modeling? Do you prefer acting or modeling more?

Jenny Spain: I don’t see modeling that much different from acting. Your are behind a camera and you pretty much act and get into character.They are both really fun and exiting. I like to keep my options open. Only difference is modeling is more of a self expression/body language as for acting your giving a character. Really behind a camera you can be anyone you want to be so the experience is good to have.

Necro: Being a parent and acting within a genre that can contain controversial subject matter, what are your thoughts on allowing children to watch horror films?

Jenny Spain: It depends on the movie. All parents are different. I don’t believe in sheltering my kids from the world and it surroundings. I want to encourage them to learn and watch. As they get older the decision will be up to them, but yes I monitor what they watch. I wouldn’t want to scare the sh*t out of them. There is a lot on television these days that are worse! So far they love horror movies and hopefully become future actors.

Necro: Do you have any actors or actresses that inspire you?

Jenny Spain: Honestly I really don’t have any favorites, there are many I admire. Everyone offers a little something different to me that I can use. There are many actors that inspire me and that I can learn from.

Necro: What is your earliest memory that you can pinpoint as the genesis of your love for horror?

Jenny Spain: Oh Man, I think the exorcist did it for me. I remember sitting down with my dad and asking what’s this? It scared the hell out of me but I couldn’t look away. Even though I would cover my face I would still have that one eye that would be watching. I loved it. My dad is big on Horror/Scifi so I grew up watching a lot of weird sh*t. The ones that distinctively stick out in my head is the gate, critters, cat’s eye, poltergeist. Thanks to him, I am still adding to my horror collection.

Necro: Will you be making any appearances at horror conventions this year?

Jenny Spain: Not this year it’s already been such a busy year especially with Deadgirl with its upcoming release. We’ve been premiering and screening nationally and internationally. So hopefully next year!

Necro: Where may we find Dead Girl in the next few months?

Jenny Spain: Hopefully in Theatres, on DVD and added to your horror collection on your shelf

Necro: What five horror films do you wish to be buried or burned with?

Jenny Spain: I definitely want to be buried with Bram Stokers Dracula. I have always been a fan of vampire flicks and that is my ultimate favorite. It’s just so damn good, just enough blood, its wicked and sexy as hell. Gary Oldman made Dracula look so hot and Monica Bellucci made me extremely jealous of Keanu Reeves ;) The 2nd would probably be poltergeist because I am a fan of paranormal and it was one of my first paranormal flicks that scared me. I use to fall asleep to the tv on and I remember waking up to the national anthem and static on the tv. After watching that.

Necro: What’s next for Jenny Spain?

Jenny Spain: There are a couple things in the works that I can’t really mention just yet, but soon. I would love to work with SciFi so hopefully sometime in the near future ;)I heard a little rumor also that there will be a Deadgirl 2..so keep an eye out ;)

Necro: Any last words for our readers?

Jenny Spain: Of course go check out Deadgirl. I promise you won’t be disappointed. or maybe you will depends on if you have got a strong stomach. For movie info/screenings you can check out www. deadgirlmovie. com. Enjoy!

Interview: Jenny Spain (DeadGirl)

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