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Behold The Main Title Sequence For AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN

A few weeks back I posted a story about how AHS show helmer Ryan Murphy likes to pay particular attention to the main title sequences of his AHS seasons and today he posted up the opening for the much anticipated AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN. Yeah, it’s weird and creepy and wild – everything you could have hoped for. Check it out:

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New Trailer For BIG ASS SPIDER Will Trap You In Its Web And Consume You!

This is another one of those films that I feel like I’ve been talking about it forever and am still waiting to feast my peepers on it. Good news is the VOD premiere is right around the corner. Oct. 18th will bring the film to cable and other platforms and we’ll finally get to see director Mike Mendez’s giant spider ravage LA. The final “official” trailer just hit and it is definitely worth your time. … Continue reading

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Lets Get Creepy With Our WE ARE WHAT WE ARE Guide To The Catskills


Here’s something special for you. On Sept. 27th director Jim Mickle will bring his gruesome family drama WE ARE WHAT WE ARE to the eager movie going public but first we have for you an exclusive WE ARE WHAT WE ARE Guide To The Catskills. Director Mickle grew up in The Catskills and the area served as the inspiration for a lot of the scenes in WE ARE WHAT WE ARE so what we have … Continue reading

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IMAGE Entertainment Will Be Bringing ODD THOMAS To The US

The theatrical debut of Dean Koontz’s incredibly popular ODD THOMAS series has been on hold for awhile. The films been done, just kinda been hanging around waiting to see the light of day and it appears that day may soon be here. Got a press release tonight that IMAGE has picked the film up. Here’s the release: IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT SNATCHES ODD THOMAS $30 MILLION FILM BASED ON THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING NOVEL BY DEAN … Continue reading

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Not really surprised by this but it still seems just a bit odd. A haunted house in Pennsylvania is challenging attendees to brave their haunted attraction IN THE NUDE! Yep, peel those clothes off and lets get scary!! SHOCKTOBERFEST located just outside Reading PA. is one of the nations premiere haunted attractions and this year they have ratcheted things up a few notches with something they are calling their NAKED AND SCARED CHALLENGE. I pulled … Continue reading

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Our First Tease Of PENNY DREADFUL Appears

We have already talked a little bit about the new Showtime series PENNY DREADFUL which appears to be the show that Showtime is going to stick in the line up now that their huge horror hit DEXTER has ridden off into the sunset or the hurricane as it was. They used the series finale of DEXTER to unwrap our first little look at PENNY DREADFUL and we’ve got it for you right here, right now.

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Is Sam Raimi Writing A Sequel To ARMY OF DARKNESS?

Everyone just kind of assumed that after the success of the remake of THE EVIL DEAD that Raimi and his crew of scare bringers would immediately go into sequel mode and whip out a sequel to the remake. Well it appears as if he may be working on a sequel but not to the film you might think. According to director Fede Alvarez who of course directed the EVIL DEAD remake Raimi is busy but … Continue reading

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TROLL HUNTER Remake In The Works – Neil Marshall To Direct

It has been bantered around for a while that an American version of the really popular and really well done Norwegian flick could be in the works and this week brought confirmation that 1492 Pictures has obtained the rights to film an American version of the film the bit of a surprise came when they announced the director. Neil Marshall the director behind one of my personal favorites horror films THE DESCENT is going to … Continue reading

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While the HORRORNEWS.NET PODCAST CREW may have been divided in what we thought of INSIDIOUS CHAPTER TWO there is no denying that fact that the film made a shit load of money this past weekend and overall, fan reaction has been very good. So what do you do when you have a sure fire hit on your hands? You keep it rockin, that’s what. Yeah, those folks over at Blumhouse Productions know how to keep … Continue reading

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A New Trailer Shows Up For ARGENTO’S DRACULA

Coming at us from IFC MIDNIGHT is iconic director Dario Argento’s take on the DRACULA mythos and in 3D none the less. The new trailer came along with a nice press release so read that first and then sink your teeth into the new video. TRANSYLVANIA, 1893. One night in the woods adjacent to Passo Borgo, at the foot of the Carpazi mountains, a couple of young lovers, Tania and Milos, secretly meet. On her … Continue reading

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Watch What Happens When A Very Real “Jason Vorhees” Wanna Be Comes Out To Play On Friday the 13th

Over at they found this pretty awesome video posted up on YouTube by someone named Vitaly Zdorovetskiy decided to celebrate Friday the 13th by heading out onto the streets and randomly sneaking up on people donned in full Jason Vorhees gear and sporting a very real chainsaw. Hilarity ensues. Everyone involved wants it to be known that the chainsaw had the teeth removed so the only person in any real danger was the actor … Continue reading

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Nothing Can Prepare You For The Years Most Terrifying Trailer!!


The haunt season brings many Halloween themed specials and programs but no one could have seen this one coming. Do you think you can survive the TOY STORY OF TERROR! The first look trailer is in and it appears that Woody, Buzz and gang are in for one scary night. Check it out!

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To call it a cult classic would be an understatement. NIGHT OF THE COMET is one of those films that has aged like a fine wine and those folks over at SCREAM FACTORY are always looking for a fan favorite to put their special twist on. Tonight the press release arrived that outlines the collector’s edition blu-ray that is heading our way and trust me, it’s information you need. Read on: SCREAM FACTORY™ invites loyal … Continue reading

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Red Band Trailer For MACHETE KILLS Is In And It’s Quite The Ride

A new Red Band trailer for MACHETE KILLS has shown up and it is full of all the things that make MACHETE great. Before we let the blood flow, a little refresher course in what the film is all about: n Machete Kills, Danny Trejo returns as ex-Federale agent Machete, who is recruited by the President of the United States for a mission which would be impossible for any mortal man – he must take … Continue reading

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SYFY Channel Is BITTEN By A New Series

With the insurgence of horror TV shows of late one sub genre that really hasn’t seen much love is the Werewolf genre. Well, SYFY Channel is taking care of that as they have announced a new series title BITTEN. The press release sums things up: A new breed of werewolves is coming to Syfy with the acquisition of the first season of the new Canadian scripted series “Bitten” from leading independent studio Entertainment One (eOne). … Continue reading

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Jamie Lee Curtis Returning To Horror – And It’s On A TV Show!

Here is some welcome Halloween season news! It appears that everyone’s favorite scream queen is returning to horror but how that return is taking place may be a bit of a surprise. According to DEADLINE Jamie has inked a deal with ABC FAMILY to star in a a project penned by writer Jeff Dixon. It is described as a “high profile horror spec script”. The other interesting fact is while Curtis has been attached to … Continue reading


Oh What Could Have Been! Watch The HALLOWEEN Remake We Could Have Had

For all its flaws Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN, in my opinion did have some pretty good cinematic moments. It LOOKED great. I have always loved the look of Rob Zombies work. The flaw was in the script, the story or more correctly the retelling of the story. It turns out that there was another pitch, another take if you will on the HALLOWEEN mythos. Federico D’Alessandro, the Head Storyboard artist and Animatics Supervisor at Marvel Studios … Continue reading

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THE CONJURING On Blu-ray Before Halloween!

This summers horror hit THE CONJURING will be in your Blu-ray player before All Hallows Eve! Warner Bros. has announced the date of Oct. 22nd as the day THE CONJURING will hit home video. As is always the case, the press release tells all! EXPERIENCE PARANORMAL THRILLS WHEN The Conjuring ARRIVES ONTO BLU-RAYÔ COMBO PACK, DVD and DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ON OCTOBER 22 FROM WARNER BROS. HOME ENTERTAINMENT Blu-ray™ Combo Pack includes Three Spine-tingling Featurettes

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Love It, Hate It, It Has A One Sheet.

The release of the ROBOCOP trailer last week brought with it a wave of hatred not seen since they announced Michael Keaton as Batman almost 15 years ago. Funny enough, this one stars Keaton as well although he won’t be playing the suited one this time around. For whatever reason legions of fans seem hell bent on trashing this one before it even has a chance to suck all on its own but I know … Continue reading

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Check Out A Very Surreal Trailer For ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW

This film has got quite a buzz and this trailer is interesting to say the least. Check it out while you can, it’s been getting pulled down all over the place but I found a copy still streaming so settle in and get ready to ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW. You should recall that this is the film that was shot in Disney without their permission and made a lot of noise at SUNDANCE when it played … Continue reading

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Pitch Trailer For JURASSIC WORLD Hits Net And Wows All Who View It

Here is some unexpected video. Hot on the heels of last nights announcement that we can all start looking forward to another installment in the JURASSIC PARK franchise, a film called JURASSIC WORLD Apparently this was shown to a crowd attending a Star Wars convention in Germany and you can hear their thoughts on things at the end of the video. It is also being reported around the net that those involved in the film … Continue reading

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