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NOSFERATU Getting The 2 Disc Blu-ray Treatment

The classic vampire flick NOSFFERATU is still to this day one of the most effective and atmospheric horror films ever put to film. Released in 1929 it is as powerful now as it was then. Max schrek as the titular vampire is frightening and horrifying even all these years later and the film is a classic in every sense of the word.

The great news tonight is that the film is getting its due with a major blu-ray release!

Kino Classics is bringing the disc to the masses and here’s all the info you need on the release.

Hitting shelves on Nov 19th the 2 disc collection will feature a print newly mastered in HD from the archival 35mm restoration by the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung. A brand new “making of” featurette will be included. Titled THE LANGUAGE OF SHADOWS the documentary will supply brand new insight into the making of the film.

According to STYD the package will break down as follows:

Disc One features the film with English intertitles, while disc two features the German intertitles with optional English subtitles. The film is accompanied by Hans Erdmann’s original 1922 score, in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 or 2.0 Stereo. Also included is The Language of Shadows (2007), a 52-minute documentary on the making of Nosferatu; an image gallery; and lengthy excerpts from other films by Murnau including Journey Into the Night (1920), The Haunted Castle (1921), Phantom (1922), The Finances of the Grand Duke (1924), The Last Laugh (1924), Tartuffe (1925), Faust (1926), and Tabu (1931).

Put this one on the “must own” list!


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