Insidious Contest Winner, Michael Grise Joins

Insidious2-TT1369787334Hello my name is Michael Grise from Orlando Florida and I’m a huge horror fan. I have been ever since nearly crapping myself as a kid watching “Alien” at age 9. My dad always told me scary stories and introduced me to “poltergeist” and Universals Halloween Horror Nights at age 12 and I knew early that whatever I grew up to be it would be centered around scary things. After watching the first “saw” I obsessed over movies made from director James Wan and screenwriter Leigh Whannell. so much that I actually tried finding a number to call them and ask them for advise at age 16.

Throughout my High school years I had honors English classes and was a school journalist. my teacher helped me write screenplays and also gave me plenty of advise for the real world. Not long after high school I entered a contest for my favorite movie, due to the phenomenal screenwriting, “Insidious” and won!  I had the opportunity to live the Hollywood lifestyle and see life in the movie business first hand. I’m still maintaining the momentum achieved from all my hard work and hope to make it back to L.A soon. were gracious enough to let me freely write about whatever I think will scare the hell out of you. So please support them and support me by reading and spreading the word! Thank you for reading and I hope you all enjoy my articles!

-Michael James Grise

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