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Darkroom (1981 – 1982) – TV Show Episodes List

Darkroom was an American television thriller series that aired on ABC from November 27, 1981 to January 15, 1982. It was an anthology horror/thriller series, similar in style to Rod Serling’s Night Gallery. Each 60 minute episode featured two or more stories of varying length with a new story and a new cast, but each episode wraparound was hosted by James Coburn. 

James Coburn

01 Closed Circuit
02 Stay Tuned, We’ll Be Right Back
03 The Bogeyman Will Get You
04 Uncle George
05 Needlepoint
06 Siege of 31 August
07 A Quiet Funeral
08 Make Up
09 The Partnership
10 Daisies
11 Catnip
12 Lost in Translation
13 Guillotine
14 Exit Line
15 Who’s There?
16 The Rarest of Wines

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