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DREAD: The Best of Grey Matter Press – Volume One Announced


Chicago Indie Press Kicks Off Year-Long Celebration, Begins New Chapter in Dark Fiction Publishing, Announces Table of Contents for DREAD: The Best of Grey Matter Press – Volume One A unique volume of dark fiction containing stories chosen solely by fans and featuring an array of award-winning authors and masters from the horror, science fiction, fantasy and speculative fiction genres, ...

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Trailer: Cruel Summer (2016)


Danny (Richard Pawulski), a teenager with autism, escapes the inner city for the beautiful countryside as part of his Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. Little does he know, that bitter Nicholas (Danny Miller from Emmerdale Farm) is hunting him, stemming form a lie created by the enamoured and envious Julia (Natalie Martins) and Calvin (Reece Douglas). As the three close ...

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Horror Channel reveal 4 UK premieres for December viewing

Silent Night-WEB1

Friday nights on Horror Channel get bloody as the UK’s only dedicated TV destination for horror fans, ushers in four UK TV premieres for December, including a Christmas Day offering of Steven C. Miller’s demented Santa slasher SILENT NIGHT, which stars Malcolm McDowell and Jaime King. The other knuckle-whitening premieres are Kaare Andrew’s CABIN FEVER 3: PATIENT ZERO, Todd Levin’s ...

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Film Review: Messiah (short film) (2015)


SYNOPSIS: A young woman’s seemingly normal day turns on end when she involuntarily finds herself in the middle of a dark secret. REVIEW: Another short film, kiddies. This time we have MESSIAH from Marked House Pictures, written by Justin J. McCoy and directed by Mark Grabianowski. This film is a debut in horror for both gentlemen and is Mr. McCoy’s ...

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JeruZalem – Trailer and Epic Pictures U.S. Release Date Announced

Award-Winning Israeli Point-of-View Horror Film Opens Theatrically January 22nd 2016 Epic Pictures Releasing will release the acclaimed award-winning Israeli horror film JeruZalem on January 22nd, 2016. The announcement was made today by Epic Pictures Group CEO Patrick Ewald and Co-Founder Shaked Berenson, who also financed the film which was shot on location in Israel. The film world premiered at the ...

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Film Review: Adoration (short film) (1987)


SYNOPSIS: Based on the real life story of Sagawa, a japanese student who killed, dismembered and ate a young dutch girl inΒ Paris. REVIEW: Adoration is another of the short films that comes in the Cult Epics collection, β€œCinema of Death” (also included in the set are films by Nico B. (Pig and Hollywood Babylon), Brian M. Viveros (Dislandia), and Bogdan ...

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Film Review: The Purgation (2015)


SYNOPSIS: Iris thinks she’s going crazy. To stay sane, she must confront her past by revisiting the site of a childhood trauma – the old county asylum. REVIEW: The Purgation, written and directed by Elaine Chu, is set in the fictional town of Black Falls. The film opens with a group of children – a young Iris (Megan Truong), Caden ...

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Film Review: Grotesque Fantasies (2003)


SYNOPSIS: A disfigured feature documentary on true independent cinema. Seldom seen, this filmΒ was designed to showcase various guerilla filmmakers. Originally created to be released with the original cut of Mordum, it goes into great depth on set and behind the scenes to reveal the truth. Early Bloody Fun Productions films Sorry and The Kranny are featured. Several artists are also ...

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Film Review: Pity (short film) (2014)


SYNOPSIS: This is a portrait of a man at the bottom, struggling to find an answer, when the wrong things happened at the wrong time. This is a story of loss. REVIEW: Today we have a tasty short film called PITY from Head Trauma Productions, directed by John Pata. PITY focuses on one character, credited as Anonymous (Jake Martin). We ...

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