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The feature film Prodigy makes its Netflix debut on Wednesday, August 22. This “little indie that could” has chugged all the way to the top of the streaming food chain. Released by Gravitas Ventures in March, the title performed so well On Demand, it caught the eye of the industry giant when it came time to find a more permanent …

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Film Review: Prodigy (2017)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: A secret branch of the military calls upon psychologist James Fonda to take the case of a dangerous patient, nine-year old Ellie. As their session begins, the young girl dissects Dr. Fonda’s unconventional methods, revealing her genius-level intellect. Only by challenging her to a battle of wits does Fonda begin to unravel the supernatural mystery surrounding …

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First Look at Sci-Fiction Thriller Prodigy

Prodigy is a rousing Science Fiction film that seamlessly combines the intimacy of a personal drama with the excitement and mystery of a psychological thriller. The tension rises in every scene before boiling over into a thrilling, action-packed finale. The story centers around Dr. James Fonda, an established psychologist, who has agreed to assist with a mysterious assignment. Upon arrival …

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