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First Look at Sci-Fiction Thriller Prodigy

Prodigy is a rousing Science Fiction film that seamlessly combines the intimacy of a personal drama with the excitement and mystery of a psychological thriller.

The tension rises in every scene before boiling over into a thrilling, action-packed finale. The story centers around Dr. James Fonda, an established psychologist, who has agreed to assist with a mysterious assignment. Upon arrival at a military compound, Fonda is searched by security and issued ominous warnings about interacting with his new patient. Ushered into an interrogation cell, Fonda is taken aback by what he finds — Ellie, a young girl in a straitjacket, firmly strapped to a chair. Fonda is caught off guard as Ellie immediately turns the session into a dissection of his character.

Her mastery of language and analysis reveal her genius-level intellect. Undeterred, Fonda plays Ellie’s game and proves himself a worthy adversary. However, the true danger of the situation becomes clear when Ellie claims to have killed her own mother, in cold blood. Fonda confronts the room full of experts who are observing the interaction. Ellie’s confession is confirmed, and the experts suggest she is more dangerous than Fonda knows.

They reveal that Ellie possesses certain “gifts” they wish to analyze at the molecular level — a process which will result in Ellie’s death. Fonda is appalled to learn the execution and autopsy are set for the following day. His presence here is nothing more than a last-ditch effort. No one believes his insight will alter their decision. The circumstances are dire, but Fonda won’t give up. Fonda changes his strategy.

He challenges Ellie in increasingly intense battles of wit and will, as an attempt crack the sociopathic shell she is hiding behind. As Fonda gets closer to the heart of Ellie’s struggle, her “gifts” begin manifesting themselves. Objects hover in midair. Furniture topples with a flick of her wrist. The very foundation of the building quakes at her fury. Despite his astonishment at these telekinetic abilities, Fonda continues chipping away at Ellie’s tough facade. Fonda’s methods begin to win over some of the experts, but he will need drastic results if he is going to prove that the dangerous monster they see — is actually a scared child worth saving.

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