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“I am the founder, owner, CEO and admin for Horrornews.net. Though titles aside, I created the site to provide a place for my horror interests as an ever evolving project to test the waters of social community involvement in the genre. It’s a work in progress that has been growing faster than I can keep up with. The flip side to that is having a passion for reading great horror articles. So I figured….why not bring those writers together under a more consolidated hub of sorts and expand on that idea by doing it our own way”

It’s true when they say – careful what you wish for.

Michael is a professional illustrator, web designer, video editor, print graphics and Inbound Marketing Expert.
The HNN staff features a variety of professionals who range the gamut in the horror industry.
This includes: Authors, journalists, film-makers, FX, radio, Actors, Directors, interviewers, PR, models and high tech. All share a collected interest in the genre with a qualified background and perspective on all things horror. We enjoy reading them as much as we do writing them……


HORRORNEWS.NET STAFF: (also includes former contributors)

— Manager – 

“I’ve been a horror fan for quite some time. I grew up on the Creature Double Feature on Saturday afternoons and have been hooked on everything that creeps, crawls, and goes bump in the night ever since. Whether it be Frankenstein, Dracula, & Wolfman or Jason, Freddy, & Michael Myers, I’ll stab it, hack it, slash it, and review it for your sick and twisted pleasure.”

Sr. Reviewer / Interviewer and Public Relations

“My real name is Santos Ellin Jr & I live in the North Bronx section of NY. I’ve been watching horror movies since I was at least 6 yrs.old. I’m sure my first movie in a theatre was Jean Rollin’s “Caged Virgins” & I was about 6 yrs. old at the time! Since then have cultivated my love for Horror films as if they were a lovely field of Roses (Black ones of course). I also have an extensive collection of Horror mags, reference books & about 1500 horror dvd’s as well as about 600 Horror vhs tapes. Why do I refer to myself as “The Black Saint”? Well Santos is Spanish for Saint & my heart is as black as Whoopi Golberg’s ass crack. And although this might sound like boasting (But it really isn’t) I believe I know more about Horror films in general than anyone in the world. It does sound like I’m boasting doesn’t it? Well f*ck it…The Saint means what he says..”


“Growing up watching Dark Shadows, I have had the horror genre in my blood as long as I can remember. And as I love to write short stories, the storyline of any film is always most important to me. I’m a sucker for independant, foreign, and biography films and I love a good mind freak so you can depend on me to find you the best AND worst of each!”


“Internationally famous performer Nigel Honeybone, winner of the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer Prize and the Ernest Hemmingway Memorial Trophy, has dominated the arts for many years. His works include HAMLET II: FORTINBRAS, PRINCE OF NORWAY! and MOBY DICK II: RAISE THE PEQUOD! His originality has been the subject of much controversy, but he is now widely regarded as…unique.


 “Growing up, my mom worked within the Halloween industry. Fittingly, ever since I can remember, the unknown, the undead, and just all around scariness have always surrounded me. I was brought up on the classic horror films: Frankenstein, The Raven, The Mummy, Dracula; they will always have a special place in my heart. But, the horror industry has grown so much through the years from those humble beginnings, and I am excited to have the opportunity to keep you informed on the most current happenings!”


“Watching movies all night so you don’t have to.”Unable to sleep due to all the interesting horror movies yet to watched, the Insomniac has stayed up night after night watching movies, trying to find those gems in the rough, the needle in the haystack, the good from the crap. When he has watched them all then he can sleep.


Doc Rotten is a horror blogger on DocRotten.com and a film critic for HorrorNews.Net and WidescreenWarrior.com. The good doctor is a fan of 70’s horror, Hammer films, Universal Monsters and things that go bump in the night. Some of his favorite horror films include The Car, Vampire Circus, Alien and Jaws and would have loved the chance to meet his favorite horror icon, Peter Cushing.


Software Engineer and family man during the day and horror fiend at night. Mike runs the Cadaver Lab Podcast  and contributes to the horror blog The Corpse Collective


“I am currently attending Colorado State University studying Journalism and Technical Communication. And my first horror film memory is watching The Shinning with my Grandma when I was 7 years old.  I haven’t been the same ever since”


I’ve always been a fan of the horror genre, but horror was an afterthought in the video game industry for a long time. It wasn’t until the release of Resident Evil that the video game industry got its first big horror series. I was instantly hooked on the series, and it really kick started my interest in horror based video games and the zombie genre as a whole. I really enjoy all zombie movies, but my favorite are the dark humored ones like Shaun of the Dead, Fido and Zombieland. I’m really loving the zombie outbreak in video games right now as well. I’m almost always playing either Left 4 Dead or Call of Duty Zombies online on my Xbox 360.


“Back in the 70’s, a young pregnant woman was forced to scream and argue her way into a showing of The Exorcist because some people at the theater were worried about possible ill effects on the fetus. A short month later, the man before you was born. Maybe they were right.”


“Growing up I was forbidden from anything horror and one day it just became obsession. I need to immerse myself into a world of horror, it’s where I belong.


“I have been an avid horror movie fan since the age of five when I snuck into my father’s closet and viewed “Mother’s Day.” I keep a busy regime viewing as many horror movies as I can (especially cult/foreign/independent) while also: working out, going to horror conventions, working for the haunted attraction Fear Fair in Seymour, IN, and finishing up my senior year at IUPUI as an English Writing and Literacy Major.”


“I got the chance to grow up during the golden age of the mom and pop video store. I was able to see on our huge cabinet like television all of the classics plus straight to video nightmares some of us would rather forget.


“Like most kids from my generation John Carpenter’s Halloween left me terrified and subsequently hooked on horror movies from then on.  There is nothing better than sitting in a darkened room and watching something scary on the screen.  Urban legends, creepy graveyards, witches with black hats, gothic castles, old houses on the hill and a real good campfire ghost story all hold a special place in my heart.”


 “I have been immersed in all things horror even before hatching from my mother’s womb. Her love of the Universal monsters and Hitchcock flicks trained me at a very young age, and I transferred her passion for movies into my own by sneaking into the premiere of HALLOWEEN way back in 1978, officially hooking myself on the genre forever. I am a writer, a film reviewer, and above all else, an incredibly passionate horror movie geek.”


“Big Daddy Darkness is the blood stained alter ego of horror writer Jonathan MoOn (author of Heinous). He was raised on horror, be it Dean Koonz and Stephen King on long family drives or any gory flick he could get his grubs on. He was born on the same day Cthulhu rises in the famous H.P. Lovecraft story, he does not belive this to be coincidence. His turn ons include, Barb Wire, the Musky Smell of Fear, and himself. His turn offs are police, bills, and humans in general.”


“I have been a horror fan since the day I was born. In addition to writing the book “Nightmare Tales” I also wrote the segment “Angel” for Silver Moon Productions’ film “Tales From the Grave 2: Happy Holidays!”


“I am of fan of everything that goes bump in the night whether it be seeking out ghostly haunts , reading creepy horror fiction novels, or watching freakishly gory horror films I am ready to dive in head first. I cut my teeth on slasher flicks and spent my angst-filled teen years reading everything and anything horror. Now as an adult my horror geekiness knows no bounds as I also enjoy writing about the creepy and macabre.”


“Jessica Brown is a lifelong fan of horror film and fiction and resides near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, only a few short miles from Living Dead ground zero. A short fiction writer and aspiring novelist, her work has been featured in Pill Hill Press’ Twisted Legends collection and will be appearing in several Library of the Living Dead anthologies in the upcoming year. Her serial novel, Rain, can be found on Facebook and Textnovel.”


I’m a professional Advertising Copywriter and an amateur Horror Author and Blogger. I grew up overlooking a crumbling Victorian graveyard at my Dad’s church in the North of England, which may help explain my predilection for dark matters. I’m currently in the process of moving from Dublin to New Zealand to prepare for Armageddon 21/12/12.


“Mary Parker has been an avid horror fan since she was three. Aside from writing for horrornews.net, she also runs The Crypt of Horror, and her first book, a collection of horror short stories titled “Predilection,” was published last year..”


“Writer and Musician. I’m a second generation Genre lover raised on The Twilight Zone and Star Trek. I’ve been influenced by Horror and Sc-fi in both film and literature virtually my entire life and am thankful for that fact every day.”

“Chris Jacques is one of our Philadelphia denizens, and writing in his life. When he’s not living his life, however, he likes taking spontaneous road trips, engaging in various forms of debauchery, and trying to make the world a better place. He loves the Hell out of you, and wants his life’s work to be to get you to feel the same way about him.”

“I’m Ben, an avid horror watcher/reader/writer. I’ve always found horror to be the most visceral genre because it plays on our most powerful emotion: fear. What’s kept the genre thriving for all these years are the vast number of ways to scare us, and no matter how powerful the experience may be, it’s all fake, and you’re fine. Sometimes we just want to experience the darker side of life, and what better way to vent than with a horror movie?”

“Tabetha Wallace is a writer, gamer and interactive producer in Los Angeles who spends most of her time researching supernatural phenomenon and making up stories. She is currently working on a comic book of the historically undead variety, a film adaptation and a horror series involving a guy who thumbs souls for a living. If she grows up, she hopes she turns out like Auntie Mame.”

“Andrew is a widely read music journalist for the UK rock and metal magazine POWERPLAY as well as writing for Horrornews.net and his own sites, including DIARY OF A GENRE ADDICT. He is the author of two books and is currently working on an array of fiction projects, as well as feeding his addiction for obscure and overlooked horror films.”


Brian was born in the Month of October, making him a natural Horror fan. He is currently working on over 20 novels in different stages of completion. His current title “Rhinehoth” available on Amazon.com has been a great seller quickly rising in the ranks of Gothic Horror genre. His passion for history and horror leads his writing to be historically accurate for the time period immersing the reader into its details. His writing is so vividly visional it reads more like a film than literature. Brian comes from some of the top Fortune 500 companies where he has managed at a senior/executive level to follow his passion for Horror film and Literature. He currently lives in sleepy Blakeslee, PA USA.

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