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Film Review: Bleeding Hearts (2015)



An undercover journalist travels deep into the heart of small town USA attempting to expose its dark nature. The journalist quickly becomes aware that the disappearances of 5 to 6 men per year may be linked to a cult of sexy sisters who sacrifice men for a grisly ritual.


Awww , the 80’s and 90’s , the golden age of accepted sleaze. This was a period when almost every horror film was more interested in giving the audience a little shock and awe for their money. We were blessed with such low rent classics such as; The Nail Gun Massacre, Sorority Babes In The Slime-ball Bowl O Rama, and (my personal fav) Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers. Yes, those were the days , horror went almost exclusively hand in hand with gonzo over the top comedy antics and melded into a hybrid that seems to be very much of the time period itself. The films of USA Up All Night come instantly to mind , it was almost impossible to tell the difference between Evil Toons and Buford’s Beach Bunnies. Yes darlings , those were the days. Where has our beloved filth gone ? Where are the bikini movies ? Where are the easy women with too much makeup and big hair ? These are the questions that haunt my delicate brain on a day to day basis. If our beloved sleaze cinema is to flourish and prosper it’s in the hand of the independent studio system and the creative talent that lies therein.

Bleeding-Hearts-2015-movie-Dylan-Bank-(8) Bleeding-Hearts-2015-movie-Dylan-Bank-(9) Bleeding-Hearts-2015-movie-Dylan-Bank-(10)

Dylan Bank’s Bleeding Hearts is his followup film to the wonderfully grim crime thriller Scavenger Killers. If ever there were a film looking to inherit the crown so gracefully worn by the silly and outlandish films of the 80’s it would be Bleeding Hearts. The film tells a somewhat dark yet always playful tale of a small town inhabited by five sexy and psychotic sisters who once a year lure in unsuspecting men for play and sacrifice. A young documentary film director has come to this town looking to unlock certain secrets that seem to be overlooked by local authorities. Five to six men vanish from the small town once every year and it seems to coincide with the annual vacation that the five sex obsessed women partake in.Coincidence ? I think not.

Dylan Bank’s last film leaned much more towards the exploitation/gore department , Bleeding Hearts definitely has much more in common with the early bikini films than it does with any horror film that I can think of currently. That’s not to say there’s a ton to love about the film itself. Anyone who loves and respects the silly nature of early Fred Olan Ray horror sex comedies will be in absolute heaven here , the film holds itself firmly in place in all respects as a good solid sex comedy with minor horror elements thrown in. Ken Del Vecchio has written a very witty script that infuses the characters with just enough sass and white trash camp that make Bleeding Hearts a lot more fun than your average tits and ass horror comedy.

Bleeding-Hearts-2015-movie-Dylan-Bank-(4) Bleeding-Hearts-2015-movie-Dylan-Bank-(5) Bleeding-Hearts-2015-movie-Dylan-Bank-(6)

The acting is decent enough from all involved , the five girls giving especially delicious performances , with enough A and C celeb popping in and out of the woodwork to keep everyone involved on his/her toes. I was especially surprised to see both Charles Durning ( as a pothead Santa Claus) , and Robert Loggia ( as a very loud and bitter law officer) involved in this production. Some of the over the top dialog feels a bit forced coming out the mouths of some of the more seasoned actors but for the most part it works in contrast with the constant barrage of full frontal nudity and wacky sadism on display. The special effects and kill sequences are fairly well done as well and add heavily to the overall sleazy and gratuitous nature of Bleeding Hearts. I do , however , wish that the scenes of torture and mayhem would have remained light in nature and not tried to include any serious emotional context. Whenever the film tries to be serious or present any real emotional connection it fall flat and seems forced, Bleeding Hearts is at its best when its a no holds barred sleazfest.

Bleeding-Hearts-2015-movie-Dylan-Bank-(1) Bleeding-Hearts-2015-movie-Dylan-Bank-(2) Bleeding-Hearts-2015-movie-Dylan-Bank-(3)

Bleeding Hearts isn’t going to win any awards and any fan of true serious horror isn’t likely to find it in the least bit entertaining. Bleeding Hearts is stupid but I mean that in the best way. As a child of the 80’s and a avid lover of pure trash and sleaze Bleeding Hearts was like a dirty love letter to an era gone but much missed by us fans. Imagine if you will the love child of Hostel and Bikini Car Wash Company , does that sound good to you ? Well than roll up those sweat pants and twist up those scrunchies cause honey this is just the ticket you’ve been waiting for!

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