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Film Review: The Ouija Resurrection


A group of unsuspecting theatre goers are trapped, after a ravenous spirit is resurrected and released from a Ouija board.


I looked this up before I got started. The title I found for it is actually The Ouija Experiment 2:Theater of Death. Apparently this is a sequel to another film. Having not seen the first one, I’m coming into this a bit blind. However, I should point out that the opening credits do a bit of a summary of the events of the first film, so there’s that.

Short version of that summary – Don’t mess with ouija boards. Just freaking don’t.

The-Ouija-Resurrection-2015-The-Ouija-Experiment-2-Theatre-of-Death-(2) The-Ouija-Resurrection-2015-The-Ouija-Experiment-2-Theatre-of-Death-(3)

Moving on….

The first film looks like a “found footage” style movie, with our characters playing around with a ouija board and filming the results.

This film breaks the fourth wall by opening with the “cast” of the original film (all playing themselves in this case)at the premiere of their footage in a movie theater.

Swisyzinna, Justin Armstrong, and Eric Window come on stage with the theater manager Ty (Eric Zettina) and start taking questions from the audience. During the Q & A, weird stuff starts to happen. One of the audience members asks about the legend of the theater itself, a story that says a family of cannibals used to own it and ate babies and stuff.

Foreshadow much?

So this is the big “Ouija Weekend” event, and the theater owner has a great promotion for the show attendees. Attendees can win tickets to spend the night in the theater for an overnight haunted tour with the cast of the film. Basically, the first 15 minutes of the film appear to be actual footage from the premiere screening of their first film. The cast signing autographs and posing for pics, that sort of thing. and the sound is atrocious. Really, really awful.

Anyway, the cast get together and discuss the “storyline” for the overnight haunt. It’s all supposed to be a set up, a haunted attraction event to give the fans a good fright. Turns out Justin didn’t get his copy. See, everything was laid out in detail on a group page on-line but since Justin can’t spell the word “ouija”, he never found it.

The-Ouija-Resurrection-2015-The-Ouija-Experiment-2-Theatre-of-Death-(4) The-Ouija-Resurrection-2015-The-Ouija-Experiment-2-Theatre-of-Death-(5) The-Ouija-Resurrection-2015-The-Ouija-Experiment-2-Theatre-of-Death-(6)

Eric and theater assistant Elena (Jessica Willis), instead of helping set up the stages, decide to have a little fun by playing with the prop ouija board from the movie. There’s no way this could end badly, right?

Because the rule is…never stop playing with a ouija board without saying “goodbye”.

You geussed it. They totally space that part. Wanna geuss what happens next?

As for supporting characters, I have to make mention of the local sheriff, played by Tom Zembrod. The Sheriff isn’t a big fan of people playing around with the supernatural, and tries to warn everyone that they should leave well enough alone. No one ever listens to “that guy” in any movie, but of course he turns out to be right.

I do like that the film is very self aware. There are quite a few movie trope jokes. In a scene early in the film, Swisyzinna drops her keys under an alley staircase. As she bumbles down the stairs in 5 inch heels to retrieve them, she exclaims “Why you gotta be the black girl that dies first in the movie?” She doesn’t die there, but the fact that bit of dialougue exists gives me some small joy.

Otherwise, we have a whole lot actors walking around dark corridors shouting “Is someone there” over and over again. We get some fun noises off camera, and the occaisional “cloud of evil” rushing through.


When we finally do get to the good stuff (about 30 minutes in, which isn’t so bad), it comes fast and furious. They don’t p**syfoot around when they get down to it, and while the effects aren’t brilliant, there’s a good amount of “jump and boo” that’s appropiate.

One great hook is the “video glasses”. Sunglasses with a built it SD card that double as a video camera. One of the better sequences in the film uses this hook and it’s pretty cool.

This isn’t a great film, but to be fair it isn’t necessarily awful. A little slow, and the sound mix is extremely annoying. On the whole, if there’s nothing else better to do, it’s an acceptable waste of 86 minutes.

So on a scale of one to ten, ten being awesome, I’m giving this film 5 ouija boards.


  1. Thank you for your very fair review! I personally liked the “video sunglasses” scene the most as well. ;)
    I. Luna – writer/director

  2. Thanks for the review :)
    I had fun working on this horror-comedy.
    Nicole – the ghost

  3. I wonder what the budget was…. $10?

    • Jerry Swenson

      Straight up one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. I want the hour of my life back I just wasted. I’ve seen better acting on an elementary level. The cast literally makes you want them to die 5 minutes in.

  4. This is the worst movie ever in the history of movie making. The cover is scarier than the movie. This movie is a joke.

  5. Patrick MacDonald

    This movie was horrible I thought it was a joke, it reminded me of an SNL skit or one of those “scary movie” movies. The graphics were so lame. I could have seriously made a better movie on my cell phone. How did this make it on DVD? Seriously??

  6. Hands down the worst movie I have ever seen!!!!!!
    I love Redbox and since I love horror films passionately I gave this the benifit of the doubt
    THIS IS TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HORRIBLE camera work!!!!

    Honestly I’m curious Who was so god dam high!
    To let this be released!

    The cast should all hang themselves for this performance instead of bettering themselves and moving on to the next best thing!!!!

  7. This is the WORST movie I have ever rented. I have watched bad movies for laughs, and this does not even manage that. It’s like watching a high school drama club. Only watch this if it’s free. Do not waste 1.50 at the box.

  8. 5/10? more like 1/10..

    The rating i gave is only based on the composition witch is acceptable at best. The characters are through out the movie too obvious and unoriginal, while they try to hard to give them a movie like personality (horrible)… also the acting is straight up horrible. the last scene made by the “sensitive psychic” character is straight out cringe worthy and doesn’t have a backstory while Swisyzinna plays a black stereotype. The characters who “acted” in the forst movie were to similar to their previous character… this makes the authenticity disappear (as if it ever was there).The movie doesn’t explain anything, and the touching backstory by the officer isn’t touching or interesting at all . I could keep on.. really… this movie is the worst i EVER watched, i would only recommend it to someone who thinks that the prequel is horrible (because it isn’t if you put it into perspective)

  9. I’m watching this now, I watched the first one the other day….and while I’ll say, it wasn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be, it wasn’t bad… One of those movies where you kinda want to see what happens. Anyway, after I watched the first one, it kinda creeped me out, when I had to walk through my dark house while my husband and daughter were sleeping, and thinking about my ouija board that I have up in the attic. *shiver*. I love horror movies and both this movie and the first one made me jump a few times, so all in all not bad.

  10. I’m a bit speechless after reading your review here…I mean, have you ever seen a good horror film?


    That’ score is the only scary thing here.

    The ‘characters’ are hollow, the dialogue is clumsy, the camera work is even clumsier, the storytelling….well, storytelling isn’t even there.

    I could go on and on about how bad it is, but I’ve said enough.

    (It’s bad)

  11. Skeletal Headache

    This is one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. You can tell the people who made this don’t care about there audience and are just completely full of themselves. Overall this movie makes me want to scoop my eyes out with a fork, lightly roast them over a flame, season them, and eat them. Literally -1/10

    – Skeletal Headache (from YouTube)


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