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New Occult Series FLESH FOR THE BEAST: TSUKIKO’S CURSE Mixes Best of Horror

FLESH FOR THE BEAST: TSUKIKO’S CURSE SIX-EPISODE SUPERNATURAL/OCCULT SERIES FLESH FOR THE BEAST: THE WEB SERIES is inspired by the best-selling 2003 Fever Dreams feature film of the same name.

The original plot concerned a team of paranormal researchers, lured into an old mansion to investigate some ghostly activity, unaware that they are being served up as sacrificial lambs to a coven of sexy succubae. FLESH FOR THE BEAST’S format actually predated the following year’s first reality paranormal TV show.

Set to premiere on Netflix January 5th!

The new six-episode series explores a similar formula with a stronger emphasis on characters and atmosphere. The show also introduces a unique fusion of J-Horror and Reality TV chills.

Each episode presents the paranormal team with a new challenge as they encounter and investigate an onslaught of horrific psychic, supernatural and occult phenomena. Episodes highlight sexy vampires, zombies, shape-shifters and explore eerie topics such as demonic possession, satanic cults and posthumous marriage.


In contemporary small-town America, Parsons (male, 20s) and Fortune (female, 20s) have set up ta paranormal research lab, in a derelict warehouse. They have accumulated a vast library of occult tomes, relics and artifacts and call their office The Dark Room. It looks like a cross between an alchemist’s lair and a modern research lab with the arcane, occult paraphernalia contrasting with the high-tech surveillance gear.

Their individual workspaces also reflect their personalities and expertise. Fortune’s antique desk is covered with new-age texts, charms and relics while Parson’s desk reflects his hard science background with computer and surveillance equipment in various states of maintenance and disrepair. While business


  1. I’ve been watching the series and I do find it rather compelling and disturbing… If you are Christian, don’t watch this as it does have a strong Satanic theme.

    • Hail Satan!

      • Jay’s comment was appropriate, though the Hail S. comment comes across as childish.

        Just on a personal note, HNN doesn’t promote satanism, we only promote “horror” and the fiction of it. We wont jump into any religious rants but usually we wont “approve” those kind of “Hail…whoever” comments. In this case we left comments up to make a point.

        while I could understand promoting horror is not in line with Christianity, just note that its only for entertainment values and nothing more. (we also review christian horror films…though most of them are poorly made)

        thx for listening and checking out our site


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