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Magazine Review: Girls and Corpses Magazine – Issue 3

by Robert Steven Rhine
Published by G&C Magazine

Publication Date: 2007
Format: Color – 78 pages
Price: $8.95

I guarantee you’ve never seen a magazine like Girls and Corpses! Under the wing of editor Robert Steven Rhine, he has brought to you a unique blend of hot ladies, dead bodies, comedy, cartoons, interviews, and a while mess of crazy sh*t! Since we will be reviewing several of these issues, I thought it necessary to give an overview and then on to the issue in review. Robert Steven Rhine, publisher and author himself has a strange fascination with things of the dead. Lucky for us, they also involve hot women who like to hug a corpse now and then. Each issue is unique in its content and is usually loaded with fake comical ads throughout. Great artwork is a common theme as Robert brings in top notch artists to illustrate his bizarre gory adult humor comics.

A highly colorful and great looking magazine, Girls and corpse is really for a unique batch of readers ….horror fans, ,men, necrophiliacs (LOL), artists, comedy lovers, curiosity seekers and demons. The batch of features always contains unique subject matter with a range of unique talents. Music, performing artists, models, horror industry folks and whatever flies into his realm that month.

This issue in review is no exception in the strange world of mixed content. We start with a nice interview with Quadruple amputee Shaye Saint John, who is unique artist in his own right Shaye who has only performed live 3 times has created a DVD of short films and has somewhat of a following due to his condition, presentation and unique conditions. Reported with a highest number of mental deficiencies. We then move into a interview with recording artist the Koffin Kats who literally posed for a a skull-%$#%$ing session. More wit an humor is found in Roberts “zombie Eating contest” and then off to the great and colorful photo session. This issue we have Sid Haig and Scout Taylor Compton. the bonus is 4 pages of truly old style 3D photography complete with glasses that come with the edition.

“Trannywood” visits Hollywood’s finest tranny hookers in a sit down with Maureen Mo Whelan and whoever she could find to interview for a moment or 2. Tranny Grannies and Munchie Madness is something you don’t see everyday or read for that matter. We are then taken into a killer interview with horror celebrities Sid Haig and Scout Taylor Compton. The visit wouldn’t be complete without a stop in at the CIA (California Institute of Arts)

Now if that not enough we have “sex talk with Doctor Necco Feelya” to pass the time some more great twisted cartoons and an interview with “Jimmy” Psycho” what else? “Topless screamers”, An Addam’s Family tribute article or how bout an overview of a coffin cleaner know as “Disinterment”. I’m sure after reading this you’ll be more thankful of the job you have. Sucking up leftover liquid body fat from coffins??? I’ll stick with typing on a computer any day! We round off our journey with a feature on Gidget Gein, some cool tattoos and a variety of other undead tribute materials…….. If that doesn’t peak you morbid interest then you should seriously seek help.

The best part of the magazine is, it’s alot of fun and interesting in the most morbid sense. The pretty ladies through out will take the edge off as you’ll be wishing you could trade places with the corpses for just a moment. Hey in worst case have fun with the variety of strange looks you’ll get reading this while sitting having your coffee. Yes necrophialiacs want to be loved too and now they have there own magazine. Fun horror content that goes way above the norm!

You can pick up this and other editions directly http://www.girlsandcorpses.com

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