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KIM FOWLEY To Donate His Corpse to Girls and Corpses Magazine

Back in 2012, Kim Fowley (record producing prodigy of “The Runaways”), and a massive fan of Girls and Corpses Magazine, who had attended and hosted dozens of events for the newsstand magazine, decided what he wanted to do after he died. He wished to, “Have his freshly dead body photographed for the cover of Girls and Corpses Magazine with a couple hot fetish models.” The photoshoot was planned to take place upon his death and photographer was hired. The plan was set and Kim, who was gravely ill for several years, made sure his attorney put this into his will.


Girls and Corpses Publisher/Deaditor-In-Chief Robert Steven Rhine explains: “This was Kim’s personal dying wish to be on the cover of Girls and Corpses Magazine when he died and then burned on a funeral pyre in New Orleans. At first I thought it was a bad idea because of the possible negative publicity. But people have crazy wishes in their wills and often have their ashes scattered in odd places as their last dying wishes, so who am I to say what Kim, or anyone else, should do with their dead body”?
But now that Fowley passed away January 16th, the status of his body is still in question after Kim allegedly remarried months before his death. The question should be resolved shortly by the estate attorney in coming days.
“But make no mistake, Kim wanted this in the worst way, to be on Girls and Corpses magazine’s cover, and he was a great friend to me so I’d like to accommodate his last wish,” says Robert “Corpsy” Rhine, adding, “Either way the next issue will be ‘deadicated’ to Kim Fowley and we are running the last thing he ever wrote, which is absolutely wild, in Girls and Corpses Magazine: www.girlsandcorpses.com/  Kim titled the article, “Death of A Devil Dog.”


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