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LEGO goes Horror!

LEGO horror icons return

Do you know what your LEGO is up to in the night? Are you sure all your little minifigs are behaving themselves? Custom LEGO makers Minifigs.me are hoping to add a little jeapordy to your toy-chest with their second series of custom-printed horror minifigures, depicting seven more iconic horror characters.

legohorrorMain-imageWith names like ‘Pincushion’, ‘Boomstick’ and ‘Creepy Doll’, you don’t have to be a horror aficionado to see they are a tongue in cheek tribute to some of our all-time favourite horror flicks. All of them are fully custom using LEGO pieces and printed directly with state of the art printing technology.

Minifigs.me director Nick Savage said “After we launched the first series last year, we had a ton of people ask us to make more. Everyone wanted us to make their personal favourites for series two. We loved making them – there’s something about cute horror icons that makes us happy. I’ve got Boomstick on my desk. He makes sure I stay all focused and business-ey.”

These creepy-cute little guys can be found over at www.minifigs.me/horror. If you’re not so keen on the idea, they make a ton of other stuff and you can even get whatever you want made on commission.

About Minifigs.me

Minifigs.me is a small company based in Sheffield, England, that likes to see just what can be done with LEGO minifigures. Bizarre as it sounds, this turned out to be a good idea and now they have a little team that will create custom minifigs depicting everything and everyone under the sun. They’re most famous for being able to make anyone you like, based on a few pictures and some lines of text. Minifigs.me is run by Nick and Caroline Savage, who founded the company in 2012 after they remembered that LEGO is amazing and can be used to cheer people up in even the darkest of times. Their infant daughter Indiana is their unofficial CEO and is already bossing them about.

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