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IN THE HOUSE OF FLIES Acquired by Parade Deck Films


Parade Deck Films announced today that they have acquired worldwide rights to In the House of Flies, the latest film from up-and-coming director Gabriel Carrer from Latefox Pictures. This psychological thriller is produced by Chad Archibald (NeverLost, Antisocial, and the upcoming films, The Drownsman, Hellmouth and Ejecta), Gabriel Carrer, Nathan Hawkins and Dave McLeod.! !

For his third and most diabolical outing as director, Gabriel Carrer (If A Tree Falls), brings retro 80s psychological terror back to the masses with, In the House of Flies. The film tells a story about two lovers, Heather and Steven (played by newcomers, Lindsay Smith and Ryan Kotack),who find their lives inadvertently changed forever when they are suddenly abducted. ! !

“Parade Deck Films is the perfect home for our little movie, and I couldn’t be happier with what plans they have in store for it,” says director Gabriel Carrer.” ! “The moment I first saw this film, I knew Parade Deck Films had to acquire it. It’s a terrific thriller, showcasing solid acting from the lead actors, Lindsay and Ryan. I absolutely love In the House of Flies, and I can’t wait to share it with audiences worldwide,” says Co-President and Founder of Parade Deck Films, Michael Ingram.” !

In the House of Flies is scheduled for release May 9th 2014, via same day VOD and limited theatrical in select cities. June 17th on DVD.!

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