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‘Haunting Melissa’ iPhone Horror Movie!

Hooked Digital Media, a next-generation production company, premieres Haunting Melissa, a horror story available now exclusively on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch at www.AppStore.com/HauntingMelissa. Designed specifically for a new generation of connected viewers, Haunting Melissa reinvents storytelling to engage audiences and keep them on the edge of their seats. The Haunting Melissa App takes viewers into the world of Melissa, a teenage girl who believes her recently deceased mother is haunting her.

First Directorial Project from the Producer of “The Ring,” “Mulholland Drive”

Haunting Melissa is the first project using Hooked Digital Media’s new platform, which enables delivery of stories in varied lengths, received at unpredictable intervals. Written and produced specifically for Hooked Digital Media’s new story platform and is designed to connect with Gen C viewers to tell stories in a whole new way. The company holds multiple patents that bring mystery and intrigue to the viewing ecosystem. These technology innovations release flexible content in an unpredictable but linear progression maximizing audience anticipation. As viewers progress, the app can inject new content that reveals important storyline elements through seamless push “update” notifications.


The project was conceived, directed and produced by Neal Edelstein, producer of hits such as “The Ring,” “The Ring 2” and “Mulholland Drive.” Haunting Melissa is written by best-selling author Andrew Klavan (True Crime, Don’t Say A Word); Haunting Melissa features an up-and-coming cast of talented actors that includes Kassia Warshawski as Melissa Strogue, Travis Nelson as Brandon, Barb Mitchell as Katherine Strogue, Jasmine Berg as Holly, Greg Lawson as Jack Strogue, Larry Reese as Mike Cole, Christian Laurian Kerr as Carter, Lisa Moreau as Amanda Maynard and Lorette Clow as Dr. Carroway.

“Haunting Melissa is a ghost story created to be consumed in a dark corner with headphones on and iPhone or iPad in hand,” said Neal Edelstein, president, Hooked Digital Media. “You never know when the next piece will come or how long that piece will be…it’s a complete surprise.”


The intuitive platform features an easy-to-use visual guide that includes a color-coded path to identify what has been viewed and what awaits. Haunting Melissa is also highly social — viewers can easily sign in through Facebook and alert friends they are watching Haunting Melissa, share theories, freak out and make predictions of what comes next.

“The amazing technology contained in the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has allowed us to present stories in a dramatically different way. The technology supports story first and foremost. As viewers move further into Melissa’s world, they will understand why this new app technology will change distribution forever,” added Edelstein.

The Haunting Melissa App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at www.AppStore.com/HauntingMelissa. The first chapter is free with additional chapters available via In-App Purchase. Check out the Haunting Melissa trailer at http://youtu.be/EKlBUCouC_c  for additional chills.

For more information on Haunting Melissa, visit www.HauntingMelissa.com. “Like” Haunting Melissa on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HauntingMelissa; follow Haunting Melissa on Twitter at https://twitter.com/HauntingMelissa; check out Haunting Melissa on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/HauntingMelissa  and on Instagram at http://instagram.com/hauntingmelissa.

For more information on Hooked Digital Media, visit www.hookeddigitalmedia.com. “Like” Hooked Digital Media on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HookedDigitalMedia and follow Hooked Digital Media on Twitter at www.twitter.com/HookedDigitalMe.

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