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Vamps: Monique Dupree


Who’s the greatest actress you’ve never seen? Monique Dupree that’s who. You may not know you’ve seen her, but you have… she’s been here and isn’t going anywhere but up. As far back as Lean on Me, and as recent as American Gangster , she has been a main stay in the back drop of American Cinema and a force of nature on the very ‘B’ indie straight to DVD scene. With nearly a dozen movies waiting to be released, Monique is a continuum of balance between pure talent, presence, personality and easy on the eye movie star/rock goddess looks. Darling to Fangoria and Troma alike, she is more commonly known as “The First Black Scream Queen”. A title she continues to earn in front of the movie cameras, photos, endorsements and convention appearances. She’s also the lead singing voice for an all out balls to the walls
band by the name of Negro Childe. Love her, hate her or merely wait to see what the hype is all about, you’ll remember Monique Dupree.





  1. Much success to you Monique!
    Raymond Harrison
    Mount Harrison Pictures Studios

  2. SteelScissorsInYourSkull

    Thumbs up for cleavage. Always a good idea.


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