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THE SCRIBBLER Acquired by Imagination Worldwide

Imagination Worldwide, LLC announced today that it has acquired the foreign distribution rights to the upcoming genre-bending thriller THE SCRIBBLER and will be representing the film at the upcoming Marché du Film held in conjunction with the prestigious 2013 Cannes Film Festival from May 15th through May 26th.

Directed by John Suits and based on the popular British graphic novel written by Dan Schaffer, THE SCRIBBLER features an all-star cast toplined by Katie Cassidy (“Arrow”) and also stars Garret Dillahunt (WINTER’S BONE), Michelle Trachtenberg (“Gossip Girl”), Eliza Dushku (“Dollhouse”), Gina Gershon (KILLER JOE), Michael Imperioli (THE LOVELY BONES), Billy Campbell (“The Killing”), Kunal Nayyar (“The Big Bang Theory”) and Sasha Grey (THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE).

Imagination Worldwide President and CEO Lawrence Goebel stated, “When I took over the ownership of Imagination earlier this year, my primary goal was to rebrand the company by acquiring a more eclectic line-up of higher profile projects. THE SCRIBBLER is exactly the type of edgy and ambitious storytelling that Imagination is seeking and we are extremely pleased to be working with NAA on this sleek and sexy, sci-fi thriller with such an impressive all-star cast.”

“We believe that New Artists Alliance is a rising star in the independent film production world and Imagination is thrilled to be working with them again on this very special film experience,” Goebel concluded.

Currently in post-production, THE SCRIBBLER follows a troubled young woman named Suki (Cassidy) who confronts her destructive mental illness using an experimental machine called “The Siamese Burn” which was designed to eliminate multiple personalities. But as Suki gets closer and closer to being “cured,” she’s haunted by a disturbing thought– what if the last unwanted personality remaining actually turns out to be her true identity?

“Having worked with Larry and his team for years, we know the talent and dedication each IWW member has to contribute,” said NAA founder Gabe Cowan. “With THE SCRIBBLER being part of the next phase of Imagination, we are presented with exciting and incredible new opportunities for this and future films. We are thrilled to be in business together.”

THE SCRIBBLER was adapted for the big screen by its creator, Schaffer; originally published by Image Comics in 2006, the mind-bending graphic novel of THE SCRIBBLER will be re-released by First Comics in conjunction with the film’s upcoming domestic debut. THE SCRIBBLER was produced by Cowan and Ken F. Levin of NightSky Productions and executive producers on the stylized thriller include Caliber Media’s Dallas Sonnier and Jack Heller as well as Kerry Johnson from NAA.


Imagination Worldwide, LLC is an international motion picture sales and distribution company based in Los Angeles, California. The company was founded in 2003 and features a diverse catalogue of more than 60 films.


New Artists Alliance is a cutting edge film production studio. Through focus on story, character, and modern uses of technology, NAA has quickly become the singular voice in redefining the term “low budget” as “truly independent.”

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