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Demon Charged Zombies Invade with SOUL EATER

One of the Top Independent horror films of 2006 winning Best in Fest at the Freaky Film Festival was “The 8th Plague”. This powerfully charged slay fest was directed by Franklin Guerrero and starred DJ Perry (GPS, Deadly Renovations) as ex-prison guard Mason. The film was about a search for a missing girl whereas the family/friends recruit Mason to return to the abandoned prison to search. The prison thought abandoned in inhabited by former zombie prisoners now possessed by demons.

While filming, DJ Perry created the back story for his character and that included telling how the prison fell into the current state of darkness.

“I purposely did the “Obi Wan” stutter in the 1st film as a hint that I wasn’t telling the whole trut
h.” – DJ Perry

This movie “Soul Eater” is the truth of what actually went down surrounding the riots and the fall of the prison. It starts with a captured cult leader and his transfer to the prison facility.

Enter Emmy award winning director Sergio Myers () who most recently directed “The Zombinator” being released by Shoreline Entertainment. Collective Development Inc.  did confirm that they were in talks with Sergio to possible direct the prequel “Soul Eater”. Here was a few Q&A with Sergio Meyers about the project.

Thoughts on the original “The 8th Plague”

“THE 8th PLAGUE is the perfect combination of beautiful cinematography, plentiful blood and gore combined with well timed acting and special effects. Twice I actually almost vomited from a few of the gore moments.”


Thoughts on the prequel “Soul Eater” “If you thought ‘The 8th Plague’ was gory just wait until you see what I plan to do with the prequel ‘Soul Eater’. I will be recruiting a few of my talented gore creators from Youngstown Ohio who worked with me on my zombie feature ‘The Zombinator’. When you see ‘Soul Eater’ you will need your air sick bag. ”

Thoughts on working with DJ Perry reprising his Mason role “When Mason (DJ Perry) steps on the scene you just know things are about to get interesting. All I can say is when Mason plucks his own eyeball from its socket that scene made even myself cringe. I’m excited to work with DJ on ‘Soul Eater’, he is a versatile actor and shines in this genre.”

Locations are being looked at in both Michigan and Ohio. The film is partially funded currently and they plan to solidify the remaining amount with distributors and/or presales. What has “The 8th Plague” director Frankie Guerrero been up to as of late? Check out “The Town that Christmas Forgot”


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