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March Madness Matches Announced for HorrorNews.net Facebook Tournament

Welcome to our HorrorNews.net Facebook Tournament just in time for March Madness.  We have a great selection of horror films broken up into decades.  Please one of all visit our Facebook page on vote for your favorites.  Below is a list of the entire first round of the tournament.  Now, please be aware that not all the matches go live at the same time.  The first selections of matches are listed on the HNN FB page right now.   Go vote!   We’ll be constantly announcing winners and listing matches via Facebook polls.





30s-Frankenstein vs. The Mummy
40s-The Wolf Man vs Cat People
50s-Creature From the Black Lagoon vs Horror of Dracula
60s-Black Sunday vs Masque of Red Death
70s-The Exorcist vs Dawn of the Dead
80s-Nightmare on Elm St vs Videodrome
90s-Candyman vs Scream
00s-28 Days Later vs The Descent


30s-Island of Lost Souls vs Freak
40s-I Walked With a Zombie vs Dead of Night
50s-The Incredible Shrinking Man vs Them!
60s-Night of the Living Dead vs Psycho
70s-Halloween vs Alien
80s-Hellraiser vs The Evil Dead
90s-Jacob’s Ladder vs The Blair Witch Project
00s-The Mist vs Saw

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