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What happens when you cross Facebook and HorrorNews.net ?

Greetings dear hearts! And welcome once again to HorrorNews.net.

We here at the site really appreciate your readership with all of you enjoying our reviews, articles, and interviews. And let’s not forget the movie trailers. But, we all also know that unless you have a friend, family member or your pet tarantula, Boris, by your side, visiting websites is often a lonely pastime. Maybe even as lonely as masturbation. Of course, we all know that those who practice that pastime frequent a different kind of site than this one. The remedy for said loneliness is social networking.

For the last few weeks our Facebook page has been abuzz with new activities. We started off with questions for the Facebook fans that range for horror’s past all the way to its future. Questions about the most recent theatrical releases as well has been another kind of query we like to toss out to the audience. Firstly, we ask who will be going to the films their opening weekends. Then asking for folk’s thoughts once they’re seen the film in question usually follows. Interaction among the Facebookers ensues. Other examples of questions we’ve put forth to the crowd have been people’s oldest favorite horror film; and what fans think would make for a good movie adaptation from books, video games, comics etc. Of course, discussion often do ensue.

Another thing that was tried recently at our Facebook page has been the good reliable poll. To start with was the good ol’ end of the year polls. One poll was “THE BEST LIMITED RELEASED DIRECT TO DVD HORROR FILM OF 2012 as voted upon by you, the FaceBook readers of Horrornews.net” The winner for this one happened to be my favorite horror film of last year, “Absentia”. And to prove that this contest wasn’t rigged by me, the winner for “ THE BEST WIDE RELEASED HORROR FILM OF 2012 as voted upon by you, the FaceBook readers of Horrornews.net” was one of my least favorites from last year, “Cabin in the Woods”. Sadly, the poll for the worst horror film of 2012 was so low in interest we didn’t bother to track it after a while. That one was DOA, for sure. Still, it is good to see that even though we’re all into horror–a genre that highlights the grim, the dreadful, the violent—we can still reject the negative.

The good thing about the polls is that there will be more coming soon. So there will be no waiting until 2014 for the next one. The fun of future polls and random questions will be with us for the rest of 2013.

There’s another benefit of “Liking” the Horrornews.net page on Facbook, folks! Whenever a new article, review, or trailer is added to the site, it will show up on the Facebok page itself as well as your news stream. This is the best way not to miss out on the happenings at the Horrornews.net website. And to share these goodies with your Facebook friends.

So dear hearts, come back soon! And, here’s hoping to see you all on Facebook!


Article by HorrorNews.net Facebook Admin – Charles Cochran

Note from Michael Joy –
I want to thank Charles for doing an outstanding job at his new position of HorrorNews.net Facebook Admin. He’s a welcome addition to the HNN family and I urge everyone to get involved in our HNN FB community.

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  1. Great job Charles!

    Glad to see you are championing this aspect of HNN. It’s been long overdue, but I’m sure fans appreciate it! – (Mike CEO)


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