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Bloodmarsh Krackoon, a feature length comedy horror film written and directed by Jerry Landi, is a sequel to Krackoon, a short film which won fans on the film festival circuit two years ago. Believing that his mutant, crack addicted raccoon Red Eye warranted a bigger tale, Landi fashioned a continuation of the short, structuring it as a reboot to bring new viewers up to speed. In addition to Red Eye, Bloodmarsh reunites Krackoon co-stars Sal Amore and Joseph Ferri, whose characters survived Red Eye’s original onslaught.

“Sal plays Deputy Mayor Peter Rabbit,” Landi explains. “At the end of Krackoon the mayor was killed, and in Bloodmarsh Peter Rabbit sees the chance to kill the monster and make Locust Point safe for its residents, and in turn, make things right in the corrupt town. He enlists his cousin and best friend for help putting an end to the Krackoon’s reign, unaware that there are two more creatures running around the Bronx.”

Like his character, Amore, who is also a line producer on the film, found himself promoted – to leading man. “Working on the sequel was a lot more work than I ever did on one project before. One day on set, I had this overwhelming feeling, not of fear, but that as the movie evolved I was growing as an actor. Even though I had years of experience before shooting the sequel, this was when I learned how to stay in character and feed off of other actors and so much more. It was amazing to be a part of all this and that I will never forget it.”

In both films, Joseph Ferri plays Tommy Caputo, a boy who befriends Red Eye, ala Willard and his rat pet Ben. Ferri was nine when Krackoon was filmed and thirteen when Bloodmarsh rolled. This proved to be a challenge since Bloodmarsh Krackoon is subtitled “the next day.”

“I told Joey not to grow until we shot the next film, but he didn’t listen to me,” Landi says. “I never considered recasting the role. We discussed this during pre-production and agreed that in the scope of the project, it wouldn’t really matter. Since it’s a bit of a reboot, we will suspend disbelief and let the story play out. Joey was such a big part of the first film, and since that was never distributed, his growth was the least of my worries. ”


Ferri found his experience on the feature superior to that on the short. “It was ten times better: the cameraman and crew were better, the actors were also more professional and really helped me on the set. I think my acting was also better than the first movie, too. The baby raccoons were fun to play with, and my old friend Red Eye was easy to talk too. ”

Other actors returning from Krackoon include Martin Vanihel, Rosario Russo.  Gina Di Salvatore Longarzo plays the female lead, and actress and model Cindy Guyer (Psycho Cop), the only member of the cast not from the Bronx, plays Peter Rabbit’s mother Millie. Bloodmarsh Krackoon, produced by Marc J. Makowski (Slime City, Photo Manipulation) is nearing the end of post production and is expected to premiere in the Bronx in April.

Bloodmarsh Krackoon website: http://bloodmarshkrackoon.com/

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