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Book Review: Brain Eaters Bible – Authors J.D. McGhoul | Pat Kilbane

Author J.D. McGhoul, Pat Kilbane
Published by St. Martin’s Griffin
Publication Date: 2012
Format: Color | 160 pages
Price: $16.99

“The Brain Eaters Bible” (Sound Advice for the Newly Reanimated Zombie), is a title that defines its contents to a T. Those who may have purchased this one in the past should take note that this edition has been re-published, is in full gritty color, and has the inclusion of more pages. Not to mention is has a pretty rugged hard cover to help you keep your ear-marked pages intact. So what’s all the hubbub? Maybe your feeling lately that this zombie fanfare could one day be a scary reality to you. Maybe you just want to know what’s the big deal about brains anyways (and not steak, seafood or pizza as a main entree). Maybe you just love your zombie reads and need to have every book of the living dead littering your shelves like a cannibal in waiting? Maybe your curious about the feeling of transition from active to de-activated? Is there a reason they don’t get sick? Why aren’t zombies technically “cannibals”…? Or maybe your wondering what the term Anthropophagous” means?

Authors J.D. McGhoul and Pat Kilbane are sympathetic to this need and because of it have created the “Brain Eaters Bible”! The book itself reminded me a bit of that book they used in the film “Beetlejuice”…yunno the one, the manual for the recently deceased (or something or other). It’s got a sturdy bind with full dingy color throughout. Now when I say dingy, I’m referring to that there are no gory blood soaked intestines to gawk at (at least not in full red glory, to be precise)

The images and pages are distressed like something you might pull out of a “Se7en” film with lots of reading instructions and zombie pics to reference. The images range from illustrations to hand drawn to color pictures. Though the edition is predominately brownish, sepia toned with color images that have been somewhat de saturated for an older dirtier presentation.

Brain Eaters Bible begins with the journal of one zombie who made the transition from the living to the walking dead. His quence for brains is discussed with helpful tips on what, why, and how. He even goes a bit into the scientific data behind the brain, its many parts, and why some sections are better tasting than others. Oh, and if you were wondering why you just can’t go run out and dig up some animal brains or even the brains of another zombie, then you’ve come to the right place.

The “quence” is discussed in detail with how a zombie feels and how it might feel right after taking on some brain sustenance. It’s all pretty cleverly done with a full narration behind every step. Most of us readers will really dig the use of medical illustrations and “attack reference” section. How about the different guns, the types of zombies you should and shouldn’t be targeting? Or maybe you just want to explore defense techniques, sizing up your enemies (the living) and what portions of the body are most vulnerable to attack. It’s all the stuff you’ll need once you’ve left the living and moved onto the pack of brain eaters you now occupy.

The book is set up quite like those “survival guide books” that are out right now. The difference is…. this is less dry and alot more fun to read. It’s all in all dark humor that will keep you smiling thru all the gory fun.

The “Brain Eaters Bible” may have a focus on the ingestion of brains, but it’s not all cranial driven with several chapters of good techniques and corpse walking tips. The journal entries are quite amusing with the edition being an overall best of books to have in your zombie collection. Images are top notch with great zombie (makeup) photos worthy of a Walking Dead episode. The design work is spot-on (thanks to St. Martin’s Griffin!) keeping every page authentically old looking and appropriately “dismal”

Tired of black and white literature-based reads? Then, “Brain Eaters Bible: Sound Advice for the Newly Reanimated Zombie” is what you’ll want taking up space. Highly recommended for us horror fans, gore hounds and paranoid general public!

Book Review: Brain Eaters Bible – Authors J.D. McGhoul | Pat Kilbane

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