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Music Review: Sister Sin – True Sound of the Underground

“True Sound of the Underground” marks the first CD from this Swedish band I have the pleasure of reviewing. Fronted by powerhouse vocalist Liv Jagrell, this hard rock act is quite a treat taking us back to that days of older Def Leppard, Accept, Moyley Crue, and 80’s metal performers. Liv belts out a voice that defies her tiny sexy frame busting your speakers with a solid voice that boasts the audacity of Dora and the sassiness of Fastway. It’s hard to imagine, but this girl gives many veteran rockers a serious run for their money.

The band sets the groundwork with a series of moving riffs that take us straight back to the days of what metal “used” to sound like. Catchy tunes that move from one track into the other, this is quite a CD to own. I was first drawn in by their highly memorable tune “24-7” which paved the rest for the rest of the material.

“True Sound of the Underground” is unique in that it reframes from following the death metal path of so many Swedish metal acts that emerge from that area. It keeps it solid and identifiable boasting teen angst in “Outrage” and hit the ground running beats with “Sound Of The Underground”. This trend is a foundation for all to follow.

While the whole mood could change with the inclusion of a undistinguishable hardcore singer, Liv actually gives us what many of us older rockers have been longing for…..catchy lyrics, (ones that we can understand) and a knack for just enough melody to make each inclusion a “head down the highway and rock out” kind of track.

Each tune follows a similar pattern of chunking driving licks with Liv throwing down some angry powerful vocals. The CD is very consistent, never slowing down for a second with my favorite tracks being “Outrage”, “24-7” and “Nailbiter”.

This might be a first review of the bands material for me, but there plenty more where that came from with 2 previous releases and a new one just around the corner. Shout it on the rooftops, rock is finding its way back into our culture just way the way we like it.

“True Sound of the Underground” is an essential addition that is needed in every rockers arsenal of crank-em-up-throw-downs!

Make sure to catch all the bands videos here on HorrorNews.net

Tracks include:

1. Sound Of The Underground
2. Outrage
3. Better Than Them
4. 24-7
5. Heading For Hell
6. I Stand Alone
7. Built To Last
8. The Devil I Know
9. Times Aren’t A-changing
10. Nailbiter
11. Beat Em Down

Music Review: Sister Sin – True Sound of the Underground

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