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Book Review: Global Weirdness – Authors Climate Central

Bearing the title “Global Weirdness“, you might mistake this for just another apocalypse-laden read. The book is created under the Climate Central group who (from the series of emails I received) are a group with a much needed concern for our planet’s direction. Not in the sense of politics, prophecy, or social agendas, but to simply alert us to what is happening, what could be happening, and what “may” happen. It’s a different tone than the survival books out there and those “carvings in stone” impending prophecies. “Global Weirdness” in many ways is simply an important book to have (or at least read thru).

The “Climate Central” group have taken many precautions to make sure that their chapters are based on research looked at by the finest groups in the world. I believe because it’s cited that they had several noted organizations, scientists, and researchers confirm the data, (list of agencies are noted within) that we can rest assured of the data based on truth rather than sensationalism.

To give you an easy overview on the book, it is divided into 3 primary chapters. They include “what’s happening”, “what’s actually happening” and “what’s likely to happen in the future”. The book takes us way back into history with the trends of our planet and how we measure them. I found it fascinating that by taking samples in Arctic locations, they could pull up air bubbles from over 600K years ago. We’re familiar with tree measuring of course and then the added studies of rock formations, climate changes thru captured history, and the collective study of how they all fit together.

As a read, the book states that it’s written to the level of a 6th-grader. My impression is that it’s written to that level if you’ve spent some time studying science, geology and historical changes. For us adults, it’s easy “enough” to read, but still requires some back-tracking as they do deal with sometimes “dry” climate speak. I was able to read a few chapters before getting I started getting heavy eyed. Though its saving grace is that the chapters are really short (so you can tackle them in batches).

Now of course, this book targets the global warming generation, with good reason. Though to avoid the negatives that go with “that” classification (politics, fact warping……etc) the book uses the term in combination with telling us more about what, how and why. It also explains why we shouldn’t concern ourselves over a few hotter summer days than normal (or colder winter for that matter)

The information within is fascinating. Not because it’s draped over in science fiction or dooms-speak, but because it illustrates thru explanation how the data of climate prediction is so hard to pin down. We learn of all the factors that “could” change or “launch” new chain reactions as a result. One condition increases a certain bug infestation, while out of that emerges vegetation that spawns due to the bugs habits. A cloud formation, or effect of a volcano could restructure the CO2 to the point that a temperature rise occurs over time…. setting things in motion in a different way. It’s all a “matter of fact”, however as they point out our methods and models are getting better.

Where is it all going? Well, the purpose here is to alert, educate, and warn for that matter how the climate is changing, how long certain events could take and what we should concern ourselves with. If your like me, and have no power whatsoever to change these events, you can at least use the predictions as signals and signs to you own preparation.

For instance, a thought that occurred was supplies that “may” be in supply now, but might not when they are in demand. Here is your takeaway! (not to mention you can probably better engage in conversations about warming and cooling factors with “what” is really going on) A fascinating read that educates and dispels myths and information in an easy to read fashion.

Global Weirdness: Severe Storms, Deadly Heat Waves, Relentless Drought, Rising Seas, and the Weather of the Future – Author Climate Central

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