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Book Review: When All Hell Breaks Loose – Author Cody Lundin

When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need To Survive When Disaster Strikes
Cody Lundin

As we move into an uncertain future, the idea of self preservation is more important than ever. I’ve alsways believed that even if one isn’t an expert of survival in the wake of catastrophe, it sure makes things easier with a manual or 2 around to tackle the event with a set of instructions. In a recent book I picked up called “When All Hell Breaks Loose”, I found “exactly” the kind of materials and self preservation information I was seeking. For instance, I was astute enough to know that you should have some emergency bleach on hand to disinfect potential unclean water, however to what degree, how much, and how long it will last was not something I could readily drum up. This little bit of advice is just the beginning here in an excellent reference book created by author and self reliant master Cody Lundin.

If you are wondering who this man is or why you should trust him, there is quite a bit of background information on Cody and his efforts in teaching others to also be self reliant. In fact in one chapter he details the remarkable characteristics of his specially designed home which stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter completely “off the grid”. This term (off the grid) is one that will become more commonplace as we move into a era of high prices, fewer resources, and depleted supplies.

The book is a follow up to his first which was titled “98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive“. So you know you’ll be getting the most up-to-date survival techniques. As a read it’s draped in humor, cool pictures (even a middle color section!), and divided into easy to read chapters. Illustrations are included on just about every other page, which makes the reading experience fun and visual (when appropriate). I’ve read many of the other books on the market including the “U.S. Army Survival Manual” , and I have to say this would be the first book I’d pull out in a crisis situation. Perhaps its the information inside, but also because things are easy to find, fun to read, and straight to the point.

Content comes in several important sections which talk about staying warm, getting cool, staying hydrated, collecting food and even how to dispose of your human waste properly. The book talks about garbage issues, cooking basics, how to stay clear of the population during the event and even the important foods to consider to have around. All this would fall upon uneducated ignorance if we were to wake up to an “event” that separated us from our comforts for months on end. In fact, it’s pretty simple to say that most would perish whether it was as simple as treating an infection properly or being able to save, sanitize, and store you own drinking water. Phantom something as simple as being without your bathroom “charmin”. What are your alternatives and despite them being “gross” are they what the “off the grid” folks have been using for years?

Candles, heat, proper clothing material, transportation, solar flares….have you thought about any of these items? How about flu prevention or how to build a worthy sleeping bag out of newspaper scraps? In fact, you might look at some of those throwaway items you have with a new set of eyes after reading this.

Bug out kits, space blankets, family plans, radios, walkie talkies…..the list goes on. And speaking of lists, you get plenty of those to help you prepare the fastest and best ways possible. I loved the simple cartoons, the callouts, bolded sections and point of interest making this a must have book. In fact, EVEN if you were simply to invest a simple $20 ($13 thru amazon) to have this on hand and never read it until necessary, you’d probably add huge value and life to your family’s survival. Cody Lundin is an author who has lived this “in case of” factor for his entire life. Be lucky that he’s been kind enough to share his wisdom with us city folks.

Book Review: When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need To Survive When Disaster Strikes – Author Cody Lundin

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