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What Horror Awaits ‘Hells Little Angels’ in Grind House Horror film?

Check out new teaser for “Hells Little Angels” is written & directed by Cyndi Crotts

Tag line: Being bad has its price

A grind house style horror film with a mischievous bar owner, a mysterious drug dealer and three bad-ass chics that have a lust for something more.

The Story?
Raven, Zoe & Sky came from childhoods of pain, abuse & sorrow. As devious fate would have it, the three girls eventually wind up at a bar searching for safety and security. They cross paths with each other there and with a bar owner named Butch, who decides to take the girls in and teach them everything about the business. Several years later once the girls become of age and Butch feels they are ready, he teaches them something else…..Hells Little Angels will definitely keep you guessing and will leave you hanging on till the very end. Just when you thought you’ve figured it out, things change. There will for sure be lots of blood, humor and fun all rolled into one.

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If you would like to know more about this film and to keep up to date on all the happenings, then check out their fanpage

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