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Get your Dose of ‘Poetic’ Violence in New Cowboy Thriller

Never Submit Entertainment proudly presents the WORLD PREMIERE of “Poetic” – a feature film production in association with Plastic Age Productions and Cazares Entertainment. Special thanks to local businesses – Al’s Carpet & Design Service, Hayes Distributing Rockford and Killian’s Irish Red Beer – for their generous support.

On Saturday, June 30, 2012, at the Tebala Shrine Auditorium,
Matthew Cichella will present his first feature film release for an intimate WORLD PREMIERE screening in his hometown of Rockford, IL. Two short films – Travis Legge’s “Taxidermy” and Myke Wilson’s Event “Invitation” – will be shown prior to the screening of “Poetic”.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased either at the door or in advance at www.poeticmovie.com

The show begins at 8:00 p.m. and doors open at 7:00 p.m.
For more information call (815) 704 – 4882 or email mcefilms@gmail.com

Advance Tickets are also available at Disc Replay in Rockford.

All seats general admission (No Reserved seats)

About the writer/director:
After writing screenplays for several years, and not wanting to sell off his original ideas, Matthew Cichella finally stepped behind the camera in 2006, directing his first production, “Obsession.”

Since then he has completed several short films, “Innocent Looks” featuring Rockford actor Ty Yaeger and WREX-TV’s own Jeannie Hayes, followed by “FAMOUS”, featuring Chicago actor Giovanni Pauletti and local actress Melissa Revels.

After many months of diligent work, Matthew plans to unleash his newest feature film, “Poetic”. This is his first full length film and the culmination of a dream come true for the writer/director.

He still resides in Rockford, Illinois. While he loves the glamorous life that Hollywood can bring, he remains faithful to his hometown roots and doesn’t see a change of location any time in the near future.


Poetic (2012) (84 minutes)

Written and directed by Matthew Cichella.
Executive Producer & Editor Travis Legge.
Produced by Rick Roland Jr.
Starring Rockford residents Ty Yaeger, Melissa Revels, Dave Block, Tommy Larson & Rob Romero.
Also starring Talena Caza, Marc Edwards, Heather Dorff, Jolene M. Aldus, former VH1 Scream Queen Sierra Holmes, & Tony Lee Gratz

Poetic is an intense, sexy, character driven psychological thriller that centers on a world full of deceit, passion, and revenge. One couple finds themselves caught in the middle of this when they are kidnapped by “Cowboy”, a mysterious and merciless renegade killer who takes karma in to his own hands. Now prisoners in their own home, the couple is turned against one another and forced to relive their dirty little secrets. Their domestic quarrel turns in to a nightmare they might never awaken from.

The Soundtrack Musicians:
The original soundtrack for this film was created by Rockford’s own talent. We have Holland Zander of the “Sensations” and “Steve Lindsay & Whiskey Train”, Tom & Crystal Parrott from “Nikovtyme” & the “Hall Of Fame Trophy Gang”

There will be alcoholic beverages available in the Tebala Shrine Pyramid Club and they will be featuring Hayes beer products (including Miller Lite, Killians, Coors Light, etc.) Must be 21 w/ Valid photo ID.

DISCLAIMER: POETIC is UNRATED: It contains adult language, graphic violence, strong sexual violence, and simulated rape. It is NOT suitable for anyone under the age of 18. All attendees must present photo ID at the time of admission.

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