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Book Review: Witch – Author Lorne Patterson

A suspenseful tale of both ancient and modern horror, Witch is a breath of fresh air in this time of zombie trending and vampire romance. Patterson returns to the roots of the genre, generating a natural sense of foreboding that builds and builds, while at the same time maintaining a stylized tone that is both bleak and beautiful at once—comparable to that of Clive Barker.

The interweaving storylines, moving between both modern day and 16th century Scotland, reveal the scope of a horror that transcends time and place—a supernatural force, malevolent and unrelenting. As Detective Jamie McFadden delves deeper into the mystery surrounding an unnatural death, he unknowingly taps the well of a greater mystery—one that has spanned the ages, and will test the bounds of his sanity.

Underneath the overarching story are themes of religious persecution/mass hysteria, female oppression/retribution, the psychological scars of war, and the thin line between reality and madness.

The characters are well drawn and it would seem a great deal of care was taken in the development of the narrative structure. Though the plot is fragmented by the alternating storylines throughout, the work still retains a fluid movement that lends itself to the dreamlike nature of the content.

Overall, I was very impressed by the book. My one complaint is that at 93 pages it’s a rather quick read—but I guarantee you’ll be coming back for more.

Patterson’s is a new and exciting voice in the field of horror fiction, and definitely one to follow in the future.

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Book Review: Witch – Author Lorne Patterson

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