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Film Review: Stormhouse (2011)


The military have captured and imprisoned a supernatural entity. And now it wants to play


Ding, Dang, Dong…Stormhouse is the brainchild of British director Dan Turner and writer Jason Arnopp. A Scanner-Rhodes production. Produced by Dean Fisher.

A top secret underground military base called “Stormhouse” is a secrete military post and the home of a ghoulish entity that the American and British government are trying very hard to figure out and control. Their wish is to turn the entity into a secrete weapon of mass destruction.

The first thing you see is that these events took place in 2002 and was based on true events. I HOPE NOT! (If they have Carol-Anne in a box somewhere I don’t want to know about it, lol)

The movie starts when a beautiful but overly perky lady, Hayley Sands (Katie Flynn) is escorted nine stories underground of the secrete military base, Stormhouse. She is a civilian ghost expert used by the British police to solve crimes, especially those dealing with serial killers. She doesn’t feel she fits in in society because of her little gift. Her overly perky attitude toward the dark and dismal surroundings immediately tip the viewer off that there is something hinky going on.

The Military personal’s cold and professional demeanor does nothing to wipe the smile off of her face. She immediately befriends Justin Rourke (Patrick Flynn) who is happy to see a friendly face. He is also a perky little thing and he also has been ridiculed for his presence on the project by the soldiers.

The military want Hayley because she can talk to ghost. She is introduced to Major Lester (Grant Masters) and his crew. Major Lester is total opposite of Hayley and her baskets of hearts, flowers and sunshine. His patience runs thin as he undergoes the task of briefing his new “Ghost Whisperer”.

The time period is four days before the war in Iraq, Somehow a supernatural creature has been caught by the United States and British Army and locked in an underground British military facility. The outside of the facility is bright and sunny with children playing, the inside is a dark and terrifying place.

The entity is held behind a single layer of chain link fence with some barbed wire on top and a big gaping hole. The make shift cage is encased in a Electrical Magnetic field that prevents the entity from leaving. The entity is still able to manipulate people from within its cage. It embodies the soldiers and makes them do its will. First Major Lester is possessed and made to sing a haunting version of ‘Frère Jacques’ a French melody. The Entity has a playful child like manner at first.

The control that the entity has over individuals intensifies as the film progresses it grows deadly as its power to possess grows stronger. Eventually the entity escapes causing more murderous mayhem. The entity gruesomely attacks the crew. They try to defend themselves as the entity runs wild through what has become an underground prison. The end is fast paced and ultimately chilling leaving plenty of room for a sequel.

The concept of Stormhouse is very similar to the film ‘The Entity’ in some ways. This movie is not for everyone. I am a huge sci-fi fan and I enjoyed the movie. I didn’t like that it was such a dark movie. (I freely admit that I am afraid of the dark) I found myself squinting my eyes on more than one occasion. I recommend this movie to any sci- fi fan that loves a good horror story. This is a good horror movie and a different kind of ghost story.

On the scare my booty off meter, I give this movie a five out of five. On the gruesome meter I give this movie a five out of five. On the acting level I give it a four out of five. (little Miss. Sunshine was just too perky for me.) Grab a bucket of popcorn and your favorite movie pal and enjoy.

Stormhouse (2011)

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