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Film Review: I Am The Doorway (short film) (2018)

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A former astronaut believes himself the doorway to a terrifying alien invasion.


I Am The Doorway is a short film adapted from a Stephen King short story. Yipp the Stephen King. I Am The Doorway directed by Simone Pearce is one I feel blessed to have seen. Simon Pearce is a director on the move. The film is beautifully done directing and acting. An astronaut Arthur played by Simon Merrells spent time orbiting Pluto looking for intelligent life. With no success the mission ends and Arthur is coming home. With technical difficulties the landing pod crashes. Arthur survives the crash he is named a hero but lost the use of his legs. He also know believes that he is a doorway from an alien intelligence, that has taken over his mind.

Arthur is a great character and well played by Simon Merrells. He seems to have a decent into madness. He believes he is guilty of murdering a child. Upon his return to the third rock we call home he has developed a type of abnormality. Maybe I underplayed it his hands are melting together and eyeballs are pooping up in his palms. Arthur believes that an alien entity controls the eyes and they can make him do things. They film is well done in suspense as were not sure what to believe as an audience. The premise is good and the story original. Stephen King very rarely disappoints I give the credit in this one to the actors and the director.

With special effects well done the flow of the film is greatly cut. I can’t find much to complain about here. I Am The Doorway is a fun watch and I would like to discuss more aspects of the film, but to stay spoiler free I will cut this short. Check it out see what you think! I Hope to see more from the young director.

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