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Film Review: Ghost (2012)


The story follows Bhagat as a doctor and Ahuja as a detective who together investigate strange happenings inside a hospital.Ghost has been described as a par-Hollywood Horror film as it shows Exorcism, contains several references to The Bible,


Ghost’ a film by Puja Jatinder Bedi, A Mega Bollywood production is a story revolving around a City Hospital where someone or something is brutally killing people.

Ghost’ puts the fear back in being afraid of the dark (especially in the bathroom).The movie opens with a passionate tryst in a bathroom between Doctor Saxena (Deepraj Rana) and Nurse Lea (Dijayata Pradhan). Immediately we are in the dark alone with Nurse Lea as she puts on her make-up. Her reflection in the mirror turns to one from a nightmare. Hinky things start to happen to the staff at this hospital.

Dr. Suhani (Sayali Bhagat) reports to work at the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital (dressed more for the club than the for making rounds). She makes rounds and then is faced with the womanizing Doctor Saxena (He made my skin crawl). After she frees herself from Doctor Saxena she retreats to her office for a nap at her desk. At 3am she is awoken to the sounds of moaning and crying. She goes out into the halls of the seemingly deserted hospital to investigate. This happens more than once and eventually Doctor Suhani is drawn to a dirty room hidden away in the hospital. She is subjected to a gruesome discovery when finds the missing Nurse Lea. The nurses heart had been ripped from her chest.

Our Nurse Lea makes a visit from the beyond and pays Doctor Saxena a visit. This time she wins his heart, literally. “The Just will shine like the sun.”

Dr. Malhorta wants the gruesome finds to be investigated. They decide to put Detective Vijay Singh ( Shiney Ahuja ) on the job, a rich kid turned detective. He arrives on the scene in a flashy sports car and immediately asks information about Mary (Julia Bliss), a missing woman who had worked at the hospital at one time. She had been mysteriously disappeared sometime before. The hospital officials are closed mouth to the disappearance of Mary. They instead want Vijay to get to the bottom of the now two murders of Nurse Lea and Doctor Saxena. Vijay is recovering from a hit on the head and is trying desperately to remember what happened to Mary.

Meanwhile Vijay and Dr. Suhani reunite. Suhani believes that something supernatural spirit is committing the murders, but Vijay doesn’t believe her theory. I am a little lost on how they knew each other but they obviously were in love at some point in their lives. They share some intimate moments and some riveting moments on the dance floor (Flash back of the 80s, big hair and all).

Meanwhile, the bodies are stacking up and the hospital officials are concerned that Vijay is spending too much time with the beautiful doctor and threaten to take him off the case. He vows passionately to find the killer.

In an attempt to solve the murders he finds out what really happened to Mary who turns out to have been his lost love. He had married the beautiful Mary in a chapel before he was hit over the head and she was brutally attacked. Vijay discovers that his father was behind it all. His father was against the marriage and had bribed the attackers, doctors, ward boy and nurse to murder Mary. Angered and heartbroken, Vijay confronts his father (Tej Sapru). Mary’s soul will not rest until her gruesome and violent murder is avenged.

This was my first Hindu horror film to ever watch. I am hooked. Ghost is not a movie for everyone. Some of the scenes were confusing and it seemed to take a long time to discover the true plot of the movie. However, I liked it! (I am now hooked on sub-titles). My favorite parts of the movie were the graphic scenes were the vengeful spirit was attacking its prey. The scenes were filled with some cool wire work that gave the spirit and eerie chilling ninja like presence. There were a great many violent and gory scenes. (Not recommended for someone with a weak stomach).

On the scare my booty off meter, I give this movie a three out of five. On the gruesome meter I give this movie a five out of five. On the acting level I give it a four out of five.

Ghost (2012)

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