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Unexplained Confidential: New Jersey Ghost Hunters

Hello boys and girls,
I see you’ve found yourself in front of the computer again with your hand crippled up over your mouse and your eyes fixated on the horror screen.

You can click on the X now and try to escape with whatever’s left of your sanity, or you can continue to read on and get sucked deeper into the world of the unexplained.

The choice was never yours to begin with as your fate has already been pre-determined by your obsession with the paranormal. You may latch the shutters and bolt the doors, but that won’t stop a ghost or ghoul. I’ve recently been in touch with New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society and L’Aura Hladik was kind enough to answer a few questions that just might save your life.

MJ : How many members are in the New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society?
LH : 594

MJ : How often do you go on ghost and cemetery investigations?
LH : Private investigations are Feast or Famine and cemetery hunts are conducted in the warmer months of Spring & Summer.

MJ : What kind of equipment do you take with you when you go ghosthunting?
LH : EMF meter, Thermal Scanner, Digital Video with NightShot, Digital camera, digital audio recorder, flashlight that I wear as a headband.

MJ : How do you know when it’s really a ghost?
LH : A ghost has a certain level of interaction with people or some irratic behavior that separates it from a Residual Haunting. The latter is denoted by its repetitive, video or audio loop playing. It can occur on the
anniversary of the event it replays or sporadically but is always the same video or audio.

MJ : How do you get rid of a ghost?
LH : It can be as simple as saying “this is my house, now leave.” Or, if the ghost is not fully aware of their “condition”, a cleansing process may  be in order. This can be a house blessing by the clergy or a simple smudging with white sage.

MJ : What was your most memorable ghost investigation and why?
LH : I would have to say the one in Metuchen, NJ years ago. This went beyond ghost. It was an elemental – in inhuman entity. This elemental had gained access to the inside of the family’s home and was physically abusing the sons and terrorizing the daughter and the grandson. We pulled an all-nighter in this house after the preliminary investigation. The smell of rotting flesh appeared & disappeared as the elemental checked us out but never manifested to where we could capture a photo or see it with our eyes. After the investigation, one of the team members who was a photo journalist for an area newspaper told me that his $1500 camera stopped working. There was no reason for it. It was just dead. Once I told the family what they
were up against, they opted to sell the house and move.

MJ : What’s the creepiest real ghost story that you’ve ever heard about happening?
LH : Honestly, I can’t think of any. I think I’ve been doing this for so long, that ghosts and their stories don’t impress me all that much in terms of “creepiness”.

You can find out more information about New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society by going to http://www.njghs.net/ . I’m sure you’ll have a haunting experience.

Joyhorror – noun 1. inhuman entity with access to the internet , feeding
on the souls that visit HorrorNews.net

Now remember, the human body without a soul is nothing more than a zombie. That brings me to my eBay find this week: Lucio Fulci’s Zombies “The Dead Are Among Us”

and you also might want to check out this GATES OF HELL poster from 1983

If you need more of the unexplained, catch “Unexplained with George Noory” on the SciFi Channel http://www.scifi.com/georgenoory/. I caught the Monday night episode on Witchcraft and found it very informative. Other episodes to deal with subject matter such as reincarnation, alien abduction,
and bigfoot. Alright, my works done here. I’ve got other important things to do, like get this bucket of moondog guts to the freezer before it spoils.

You wanna see something really scary? Then you need to make it a point to visit here next week. If you see or hear of any spookers in your neighborhood, be sure to report them to joyhorror@msn.com

Later F’N’ Later,

Mike Joy


Originally posted November 18, 2008


  1. how old do you have to be to be a ghost hunter im twelve and really want to be one at my age and cant wait anymore

  2. i am a ghosts hunter !
    were is this place and how do i get there my friend is coming down to visit and i want to take her ghosts hunting HELP ME OUT THANKS


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