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Book Review: Population Zero – Author Wrath James White

Population Zero

One man, one goal. One’s own demented method of stopping the overpopulation of earth by sterilization. This novella, short but sick as hell in a good way, was an entertaining read. The story was fast paced and disturbingly brutal as hell. Wrath James White has a knack for freaking out his readers, in the end leaving them craving for more.

Wrath’s tale of demented obsession with trying to save the earth will leave readers appalled and thinking that the world is better off with adults being sterilized. The story’s protagonist, Todd is written well, the actions he displays are what readers will come to either hate or love this character. This is an individual who will stop at nothing to save the earth from its destruction. The people who he interacts with are the type of people readers will despise. Everything from drug addicts to prostitutes, our character will see to it that they’re not able to reproduce ever.

Todd’s obsession turns him into a maniacal character of sorts. Although, short, the story manages to give us the proper amount of characterization readers need.

Packed with backstory, we feel sorry for Todd, yet we cringe at the violent actions he does to those he feels are endangering the planet with the birth of too many human beings. The scenes of violence and depravity are what will draw readers into this story of madness. Reading Wrath’s previous works, I’ve become a fan and eagerly await for more of his work to come out.

Population Zero is one of those books, where it will have you thinking in the end and agree with Todd’s ways and reasons. Some of the scenes are not for the faint of heart. I do not recommend reading this book on a full stomach or if you’re pregnant for that matter. You may not know who else may have read this story.

Todd’s relationships with those around him are interesting in themselves, because Todd is one of those people who learned from his past on why he does the things he does. The character begins to become violent and the story becomes darker and more disturbing. The characters themselves are real. This book is an exact replication of what society is like today, concerning those who abuse the Welfare Program. Wrath’s goal is to fright his readers, for me, I cringed and laughed at the violence because it was beautifully written by a poet of depravity. Think about the overpopulation of the Earth.

Population Zero – Author Wrath James White

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