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12 The Last Exorcism Jokes

The Last Excorcism, is about a minister reluctantly performing a spirit removal, or excorcism, in front of a film documentary crew. It’s directed by Daniel Stamm, and produced by Eli Roth, among others.

1. What did the minister do , when his subject was possesed by the spirit of Charles Atlas?

Performed his “Last Flex-orcism”!

2. What do you call a procedure to remove the spirit of an Ogre, one final time?

The “Last Shreks-orcism”!

3. Every time the spirit took over, it would shake the victim, erasing their face. Soon, the features would appear line by line.

That called for the “Last

4. The spirit was very irritating and annoying. So, they decided to have one:

“Last Vexed-orcism”!

5. The minister knew the spirit , to be a explosive type.

So, they had a
“Blast Excorcism”!

6. What film has a minister trying to get rid of a fan of the U. S. S. Enterprise?

“The Last Treks-orcism”!

7. When the possession took place, the host would turn black or red, and yell “King Me! “, over and over. So, they had to have a :

“Last Checkers-cism”!

8. What film had a demonic possession, that included nonstop singing of 80’s tunes?

“The Last Retrocism”!

9. What movie had a demonic possession, that left everyones hair full, shiny, and smelling good, as if it were freshly shampooed?

“The Last Breck-corcism”!

10. What film had a minister trying to develop a cell phone application for excorcism?

“The Last Apps-orcism”!

11. What movie is about a minister removing a NASCAR racing spirit from a host, in a documentary?

“The Laps Excorcism”!

12. What movie has an excorism drive thru window, for your spirit removal needs on the fly?

“The Fast Excorcism”!

Ugh! I need an excorcism to rid my badjoke writing spirit! 
There you have it, 12 awful, retched, badjokes about The Last Excorcism!

Remember, there’s a bad joke, just waiting tone written.

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