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‘The Girl in Room 2A’ Wants to Visit You!

Retro is on its way back with new reports of older releases finding there way back into home viewing. In latest from Mondo Macabro, you can anticipate another by the name of “The Girl in Room 2A” (1973) – March 27

Mondo Macabro is proud to present the official DVD release of The Girl in Room 2A, scrubbed and freshened up, with a sparkling anamorphic transfer from the film negative, new subtitles, and presented completely UNCUT and UNEDITED. This special release of the 1973 giallo classic also includes special extras to entice genre film lovers to add this special treat to their collections.

The Girl in Room 2A (1973, Italy, 84 min.), directed by American filmmaker William Rose (Rent-A-Girl), stars 1966’s Miss Italy winner and popular genre actress Daniela Giordano (Evil Eye) as Margaret Bradley, a recently paroled young girl who moves into a boarding house run by a kindly older woman. Soon she is terrorized by both the house’s creepy owner and mysterious red-hooded worshipers of Satan, or so she thinks. Upon further investigation she realizes that young, pretty girls are disappearing without a trace, and as Margaret continues to see one sado-masochistic, gory event after another, the sensitive yet voluptuous woman tries to tell her social worker (Rosalba Neri of Lady Frankenstein and French Sex Murders fame). But with no proof, combined with Margaret’s nefarious past in prison, no one believes her; and soon the impressionable minx begins to wonder if everything she has been experiencing is just a figment of her possibly deranged imagination.

Also starring Raf Vallone (El Cid, The Godfather: Part III), Karin Schubert (Black Emanuelle), and Brad Harris (1983’s Hercules), The Girl in Room 2A is a gleefully perverse, bodacious-worthy, spectacularly gory, and psychedelically strange addition to the bloody tradition of giallo horror.

Special Features
• Brand new transfer from original negative
• Presented in 1.66:1 Anamorphic Widescreen with brand new English subtitles
• Interview with actress Daniela Giordano
• Extensive production notes
• Mondo Macabro previews

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