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Reason’s “The Toxic Avenger” Music Video Released

In 2009, the progressive metal band Reason (then known as Obsequy) recruited Cage singer Sean Peck to do lead vocals on their song “The Toxic Avenger” during the recording sessions of their debut Thoughtcrime EP. The song was written after Reason guitarist/vocalist Alex Fidel read a book by Toxic Avenger creator and Troma president Lloyd Kaufman, describing a story of bands giving their music to Troma for free for the love of the movies. A veteran Tromavillian, Alex wanted to write a heavy metal anthem for The Toxic Avenger and build up hype for the much anticipated 5th sequel to the Toxic Avenger that is currently in pre-production in Troma studios.

Thoughtcrime was released in December 2009, and “The Toxic Avenger” was included as a bonus track. Talks with Troma halted due to the status of Toxic 5 production being in its earliest of stages.

Fast forward to 2011, Lloyd Kaufman appeared on Alex Fidel’s radio show Freethought Radio, and Lloyd gave him the idea of producing a music video for it. Alex and his brother, Reason drummer Nick Fidel, have been longtime independent filmmakers and decided to give it a go, come what may. Production started around 4/20 of 2011.


Production continued in Summer 2011 in the deserts of California, with attempts at pyrotechnics falling short of the vision. A western shootout scene from that shoot was kept, but the band wanted to re-shoot the fire scenes.

In the between time of trying to figure out a re-shoot, Reason opened up for Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater)’s band Adrenaline Mob, filmed Cage singer Sean Peck in front of a $12 green screen, and even cast cult film icon Dennis Woodruff, who stars in his own self-produced movies and has appeared on the Tom Green Show many times. Troma recently released The Dennis Woodruff Collection, Vol. 1.

The re-shoot happened in early January 2012, and went into editing mode. After a few computer problems, the final product was exported and sent off as a submission to the TromaDance Film Festival 2012.

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