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Film Review: Cult Terror Cinema – 12 movie set

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Mill Creek brings us another collection  of 12 worthy films for just a small price of $9.98. As indicated it includes a few classics and a few that I haven’t seen on the market for ages. One of those being the elusive “Lurkers“. A few 60’s classics are included “The Babysitter” and “The Creeping Terror”. And still some familiar titles from the 70s and 80’s. The collection seems to rooted in a slasher fair of releases, so slasher fans really can’t loose on this one. Even if you buy this for “the Hearse” alone, I think its worth it.

“The Hearse” inclusion is a personal highlight for me. A classic tale back in the day when car films were really scary. Fleshburn is another title long missing from the dvd shelves straight from the slasher era 80s’

I’ve long been a buyer of single releases but really thes $10 sets are hard to beat on any level. Each disk features 2 titles per side, which is just fine as far as compression goes.

From Mill Creek Entertaiment

OVER 17 HOURS OF CULT CINEMA FAVORITES! – (from the homepage)

Shock, schlock, chills and thrills can all be found in this outrageous collection of films unearthed outside of mainstream cinema. From savage serial killers to strange underwater creatures, this creepy collection of cult cinema classics features a dozen drive-in delicacies from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Featuring Stars Such As:
Donald Pleasance (Halloween)
Peter Cushing (Star Wars)
Jay North (TV’s Dennis the Menace)
Robert Reed (The Brady Bunch)
Trish Van Devere (The Changeling)

and many more!

12 films from the infamous drive-in fare provider Crown International Pictures!
DVD Debut for some films – several others are out of print!
4th installment of a bestselling DVD series of 12-Movie Collections including Gore House Greats , Savage Cinema and Big Screen Bombshells!

The – Starring Patricia Wymer, George E. Carey, Ann Bellamy
(1969) B&W 75 Minutes Rated R
A deputy District Attorney is in the middle of a case involving the prosecution of a motorcycle gang but has a hard time juggling the case with his complicated family life. Things turn for the worse when he has an affair with the babysitter and the girlfriend of the motorcycle gang leader finds out. Now the deputy DA is being blackmailed to free the gang leader otherwise his secret will be revealed.

Bloodlust – Starring Robert Reed, Wilton Graff, June Kenney
(1959) B&W 89 Minutes Unrated
While vacationing in the tropics, a group of teen-agers set sail to an apparent deserted island. What they discover when they arrive is that the island is owned by Dr. Balleau, an eccentric man with a passion for big-game hunting. After years of importing game onto the island for sport, Dr. Balleau has set his sights on new quarry, those unfortunate enough to stumble upon his island. Now realizing what they’re up against, the teen-agers must elude their host in the hopes of making off the island alive.

Carnival of Crime – Starring Jean-Pierre Aumont, Alix Talton, Tonia Carrero
(1962) B&W 83 Minutes Not Rated
A hard-working architect is attempting to complete his new building project at the expense of his relationship with his wife. After his unfaithful wife mysteriously turns up missing, the police suspect he is responsible for her disappearance. The architect must discover what happened to his wife to clear his name.

Crater Lake Monster, The – Starring Richard Cardella, Glenn Roberts, Mark Siegel
(1977) Color 85 Minutes Rated PG
Crater Lake, Oregon is the site of a meteor landing that causes a long-buried dinosaur egg to hatch. The creature quietly stalks the countryside and finds the locals as a good food source. The mysterious deaths confound the authorities until the dinosaur finally reveals his presence to the townspeople.

Creeping Terror, The – Starring Vic Savage, Shannon O’Neal, William Thourlby
(1964) B&W 75 Minutes Not Rated
A spacecraft lands in a remote area outside of a small California town and a hideous creature emerges which begins to devour members of the local community. The newlywed sheriff discovers the victims and is stunned when the killer is reveals to be the alien creature. Our hero must now put a stop to the rampaging monster before anyone else fall victim to the alien.

Escape from Hell’s Island – Starring Mark Stevens, Jack Donner, Linda Scott
(1963) B&W 80 Minutes Not Rated
A Florida boat captain loses his license after an attempt to smuggle some Cuban refugees results in a woman dying in the process. When he takes up with the wife of a jealous man, it puts him in great danger when the man charters the captain’s boat with the intent to kill him while on the voyage.

Fleshburn – Starring Steve Kanaly, Sonny Landham, Karen Carlson
(1984) Color 90 Minutes Rated R
An unstable Veteran escapes from a mental institution where he was sent by four psychiatrists after he was responsible for the deaths of some men. Looking to seek revenge upon the psychiatrists, the escaped patient begins to stalk and kill them one by one. The authorities must rush to find the former soldier before he completes his revenge.

Hearse, The – Starring Trish Van Devere, Joseph Cotten, David Gautreaux
(1980) Color 95 Minutes Rated PG
A woman decides to stay at her departed aunt’s home while trying to get her life together after a bitter divorce. What the woman doesn’t realize is her aunt was a purveyor of the black arts and that her presence in the home has dire consequences. She finds herself menaced by a mysterious hearse and its threatening driver.

Horror High – Starring Pat Cardi, Rosie Holotik, Austin Stoker
(1974) Color 85 Minutes Rated PG
A brilliant but socially awkward high school science student is the butt of jokes from his classmates and teachers. His chemical experiments lead him to discover a potent yet dangerous drug that unleashes violent tendencies in those who take it. After suffering long enough, the student uses his newly discovered drug to help him exact his revenge.

Land of the Minotaur – Starring Donald Pleasance, Peter Cushing, Costas Skouras
(1976) Color 88 Minutes Rated PG
A small Greek village is the last known place where a group of youths were last seen while they looked for a hidden temple dedicated to the Minotaur. A Catholic priest and a New York police detective team up to search for the missing youth and uncover a terrifying cult devoted to sacrificing their victims to the Minotaur. Will our heroes be in time to save the youths from their sacrificial fate?

Lurkers – Starring Christine Moore, Gary Warner, Marina Taylor
(1988) Color 90 Minutes Rated R
A woman who had a nightmarish childhood due to her abusive mother has become engaged to a caring photographer. As her wedding date grows near, some mysterious occurrences cause the woman to fear her families’ legacy. The story her mother told her about lurkers’ coming to get her may be more than an old wife’s tale.

Teacher, The – Starring Jay North, Angel Tompkins, Anthony James
(1974) Color 97 Minutes Rated R
A recent high school graduate finds his summer after school filled with more lessons when he takes up a romantic relationship with his married teacher. The 18 year old man and the 28 year old woman spend their time in various trysts, unaware that they are being watched. A psychotic neighbor of the woman has taken a very unhealthy liking to the woman and a hard resentment toward the young man.

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  1. If you love low-budget horror films like these, you about be interested to know about a new film coming out next year. “Creep!” is a documentary about the making of the REAL worst movie of all time, “The Creeping Terror”.

    Emmy-winning director Pete Schuermann has already snagged interviews with film critic Michael Medved, Oscar-winning special effects expert Richard Edlund and much of the film’s original cast and crew. This fall he’ll begin shooting reenactments of some of the notorious behind-the-scenes activities of director Art J. Nelson, a con man, pimp and drug addict who was known to “audition” 13-year-old girls and completed the film only because he was threatened with jail time if he didn’t.

    You can view the trailer at www.creepfilm.com.


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