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Grindhouse retro gem ‘El Monstro del Mar!’ announced

 Breaking Glass Pictures has announced the February 28 DVD release of the nautical bloodbath, retro-horror thriller “El Monstro del Mar!” (SRP $24.99). “El Monstro del Mar!” mixes sexy yet deadly beauties, the infamous Vernian monster, and a grindhouse feel that gets the blood pumping and brings a renewed fear of what lives in the sea. Let the bloodbath begin!

Three gorgeous but deadly hired killers, Beretta, Blondie and Snowball, hole up in a small beachside community to keep a low profile. But this town has a dark secret. The local old sea baron, Joseph, tries desperately to warn them to never go into the water. But these crazy vixens listen to no one, especially not some crazy-assed old fool. So the Kraken awakes! Now, along with Joseph and his beautiful grand daughter, Hannah, they must fight for their lives against this furious creature of the deep as the sea rises in a tidal wave of blood.

The film stars Norman Yemm (“Night of Fear”, TV’s “The Sullivans”), alongside newcomers Nelli Scarlet, Kyrie Capri, and Karli Madden as the deadly vixens. Director Stuart Simpson brings the horrors of the deep into the light with fresh and familiar faces, which brings the thrills, chills, and buckets of blood to new and exciting heights.


“El Monstro del Mar!” has received multiple awards at festivals including Best Director at the Fixon-Sars Film Festival, Best Film at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival, Most Cool at the Pollygrind Film Festival and Best Special Effects at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival.

The DVD release will come packed with special features, including an exclusive interview with the Monstro Girls, audio commentaries with the cast and crew, a behind-the-scenes featurette, deleted scenes, and two short films, “Acid Spiders” and “Sickie”, from Director Stuart Simpson.

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