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Film Review: ReRe-Animated (film short) (2011)


Bodies line the streets, zombies roam hunting for brains or flesh, the “Zombie Apocalypse is now”… At least that is what Brian thinks. Brian drags Wess from his bed, and out through the night barricading themselves inside the safest place to be when zombies attack… A bar… Wess doubting the accuracy of Brian’s recollection tries to convince him he could be wrong. Together the two friends wait out what could be the zombie apocalypse arguing as their imaginations run wild.


Brian and Wess head out in search of the undead. As they contemplate their next move, they discuss the sightings of zombies nearby. Well, actually Wess tries to knock some sense into Brian who believes that he has seen zombies walking among the streets. As they take cover in Brian’s uncle’s bar, they plan their next move. Wess is convinced that Brian’s obsession is pure fiction.

“ReRe-Animated” which features an interesting treatment of applying graphic novel sound effect balloons and panel-like inclusions exhibits a rather appealing approach. It calls attention to a comic book intro while focusing on the comedic elements of zombie engagement.

Directed by Wesley Alley who also stars in the short film, roots itself in recollection storytelling from 2 perspectives. It manages to keep things light while taking foundation within the current zombie craze. A few surprises make this a pretty entertaining little piece with a double ending, the 2nd of which is revealed in the closing credits.

“ReRe-Animated” shows that Wesley Alley really understands the comedic flair associated with the zombie genre by incorporating a few of those questions we’s like to ask ourselves. I think if the team could ramp up the script to a feature-length showing, they might be able to cash in with a new zombie-comedy entry. The debut shows great promise by keeping things minimal and fun.

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ReRe-Animated (film short) (2011)

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