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Film Review: Elvis Found Alive (2012)

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ELVIS has been FOUND, ALIVE! After visiting Graceland, Director Joel Gilbert made a Freedom of Information Act request for US government files on Elvis Presley. Incredibly, documents arrived from the FBI revealing an address for Federal Agent Jon Burrows, Elvis’ 1970 s alias, in Simi Valley, California.


By the title of this film, I’m willing to bet your curiosity is already peaked. The subject of Elvis still being alive falls right into that same ballpark as McCartney being dead…though low and behold, it’s another release by the same film making company Highway 61 Entertainment responsible for both. Now since I reviewed the McCartney release it was only appropriate I take a look here as well.

First off, the film is very well edited and contains alot of Elvis footage and fact checking. Of course all this is leading up to the inevitable case of Elvis being alive all these years. Highway 61 Entertainment begins the film by contacting the FBI, of whom quite easily couriers them over ALL the documentation on Elvis. This cardboard box filled to the top with Elvis confidential files have been recently “inked” to blot out the area’s that they didn’t want them to see. With the ink still being wet, they race to wipe and clean up the documents so that the truth can be told!

This leads to a personal visit of one Federal Agent Jon Burrows, who is in fact the witness protected “Elvis” alive and well. The whole approach is very “rehearsed and suspicious of course,AND the hideaway Elvis agrees to do an on camera interview. Wow, that’s all it takes…where was Oprah with this lead? I was of course laughing at the little details such as Jon Burrows car being full of old Elvis 8-tracks. It reminded me of an SNL skit in progress.

As they film Jon Burrows (aka Elvis), he begins his journey thru life detailing how he came to be and where he ended up. In fact if the film didn’t package itself with a conspiracy cover up, it still stands as a remarkable retelling of Elvis’s past. The narration (interview) is performed by Elvis himself while he sits within a dark light telling his life story. His face is covered per shadowing and blurring.

“Elvis Found Alive” runs thru Elvis’s entire life, from his roots to his death which is noted as being faked. We learn of mafia and FBI ties connected with Elvis’s basic need to support his country and deal with his celebrity status. Everything thru history that has happened to himself, his wife and their daughter seems to be covered more or less. What viewers will find of most interest is the constant comparisons to Captain Marvel Jr.

The film “”Elvis Found Alive” while basically a dupe, does spark a few thoughts on the whole deal. The disqualifying metric on this whole she-bang lies mainly on the fact that the effort was not investigated by a notable, qualified news team. If the tape was delivered directly from CNN, Dateline or other public organization, I may have bought into the whole deal. But c’mon….. Highway 61 is the only source of uncovering this public conspiracy? I think not. You have to hand it to them, for the effort and the clever storytelling. I especially love when fake Elvis breaks into a believable bar or 2 of some of his old songs.

Now the DVD is not without its research. I did a Internet search on the whole Jon Burrows issue and found a number of books and sites that discuss the alleged cover up. So in theory the film is based on alot of this hearsay. Is there some truth to it all, who’s to say? If it’s just left to obscure DVD’s then the truth will always stay a paraphernalia item. If Elvis is still indeed alive and kicking then maybe its time he step it up to the ones who can really verify his.

The filmmakers have covered all their bases which leads up to now and even a conspiracy involving Obama himself. Bill Ayers, the author of Obama’s book is mentioned plenty of times and his involvement with the legendary “Weathermen” who caused alot of political unrest in their time.

After watching the entire production, I know how the film will be perceived. But regardless of its controversial nature it really is a great Elvis documentary. Footage, clips, news clippings, and recordings make up this fine ode to the kind of rock and roll. There is alot of history covered that even without the Elvis element will intrigue viewers. Certainly the details on the mafia and the political nature of things is enough to make you think. The picture on the cover of the DVD is the only one allowed during the session. I cant really buy into it, but I do highly recommend this film for its coverage and historical value. In any case, the filmmakers have done alot of work here that deserves a look.

Elvis Found Alive (2012)


  1. its just weird how he could be gone for so many years and now just all of a sudden be here



  2. Pat Sangiuliano

    I agree, anything is possible especially when it comes to the FBI being involved in hiding him in The witness protection program. But if he was ok to have a movie made. Why not come out on National TV and state that he is in fact alive if he really is? This just messes with Elvis fan’s minds. Which isn’t fair.

  3. COME HOME ELVIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are asken GOD every nite you will come home.My Uncle LEO RYAN died in jonestown cult. He was a CONGRESSMAN whom went to free the people in GUYANA SOUTH AMERICA. There was a lot of hate in the world back then but now. COME HOME ELVIS. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jeff R Mathis

    I saw the movie it was awesome I believe the hes alive after I saw it and I hope he comes back too , hes the King of rock n roll and noone will ever take his place .

  5. I always believed that “Elvis” is alive cause, I have seen him myself several times. If this video is a “Hoax” it is a really good one. With the technology they have these days, you can do many things with them. I will say that i got chills watching this video. Why would you not show your face during the video and then let someone take your picture. OK “Elvis” will you please set the rumors straight. We all want you back and don’t blame you for what you did. If your life would be in danger, then stay where you are. We understand. LUV Ya.

  6. Very nice movie !

  7. I’m willing to bet your curiosity is already peaked.

  8. I have on good authority evidence that the new DVD is indeed somewhat of a farce; but what I know may surprise you. Firstly, it is NOT Elvis sitting in that chair and a lot of what was said (especially the constant concentration of the Captain Marvel Jr. comics) is just plain silly. Any Elvis fan can tell you that it’s not him sitting in the chair: Elvis had (and am sure still has) a very distinct air about him – would sit in a certain way and quite often talked with his hands – Elvis was more “animated” that this fellow whoever he is. Nor is that a real picture of Elvis on the DVD/cd covers.
    However, the VOICE is indeed Elvis’ real voice. He WAS in fact cornered by these people – and he felt threatened so struck a deal with them so to speak; they only wanted his voice. So he was reading from a teleprompter (hence why if you notice it did sound rather “scripted”). The voice on the dvd as well as all the songs on the accompanying cd – it IS ALL Elvis and his real voice as it is today.
    Elvis IS alive – however is living as his brother Jesse. He did in fact try to “come out” a few times a number of years ago, once with a very reputable reporter, but every time he would get shut down. Realize that to many folks unfortunately due to greed and whatever other personal agendas, he is worth more dead than alive and they intend to try and keep it that way. So Elvis, who is now Jesse, now just wishes to live his life in peace. It isn’t as easy for him as what you may believe when it comes to “coming out.” But should you doubt me and what I’m saying, please go to lindahoodsigmontruth.com. There you will find FACTS showing he is alive; including DNA evidence, interviews, letters, etc. It also includes all the feedback about this silly dvd from Elvis/Jesse himself. I urge you to browse through the facts – they are there for those who are truly interested and love Elvis as he was and now is today.

    • YOU ARE WRONG! That is Elvis, aka Jesse, aka Jon Burrows on the DVD sitting in the chair giving the interview and no one else . It is not a farce!

  9. Now since I reviewed the McCartney release it was only appropriate I take a look here as well.

  10. It also includes all the feedback about this silly dvd from Elvis/Jesse himself. I urge you to browse through the facts – they are there for those who are truly interested and love Elvis as he was and now is today.

  11. The narration (interview) is performed by Elvis himself while he sits within a dark light telling his life story. His face is covered per shadowing and blurring.

  12. Chuck Finnell

    I watched this DVD several times. The first time it seemed a bit far fetched. After my second viewing I kept thinking from what I know about Elvis Presley and the things he did while he was alive, it became more of a possibility. Now as far as Joel Gilbert and Highway 61’s making of this documentary type film, I agree it is done more of a entertainment value. Then again if Elvis himself contacted a plain normal guy like myself to tell his story. I would handle the interview in about the same way. If he was indeed in the governments “witness protection program, but wanted to get it “out there” that he was in fact alive and wanted to come out with his story, I would conduct the interview so he was protected. Of course I am sure I would be greeted with the same doubt that the interview was actually authentic. If the U.S. government did not because of circumstances surrounding Elvis’s faking his own death with the DEA or FBI’s help, then those organizations would not in their best interest want him coming out to tell the truth surrounding his faked death. I have things I know from before August 16th, 1977, that I heard over the radio while I was at work. A report made by a news agency out of Memphis, Tennessee concerning a person looking like Elvis Presley roaming around the grounds at Graceland. I heard this once that morning, but there was no mention of it on the News on TV later that evening or at any other time. Is Elvis Presley truly Alive? I think it is very possible.

  13. well,a,thank you very much!

  14. No doubt El facked his death so he would be left alone

  15. London Ontario Escorts

    Great Article!

  16. First sighting of Jon Burrows – august 1988.
    Kalamazoo Michigan.
    Kelly Burgess son Jason Woolbright,
    decided to look into the sighting of Elvis.
    John Burrows mysterious owner office building.
    Kelly Burgess said:” I went into the offices building,
    ask for Elvis presley look at me incredible. these
    business people .I am ask for Elvis Presley.
    check out the building, til she intercept security
    personel ,it was there that she saw Elvis Presley.
    I turn around, could see it in his eyes.
    He had on gold rim glasses ,with a slight tint to them,
    modify version of what Elvis used to wear.
    But i look in his eyes, He had the elvis expression,
    in his eyes, most people knew him familiar with,
    That kind of sparkle, same shape eyes,same color,
    There again i was stunned, I said you have eyes ,
    Just like Elvis presley.are you a relative ?
    He said “nope”. then when he listen to my questions,
    He stood there kind of with pleasant look on his face,
    half smiling at times, just before i walk away,
    He said:” “yah” buit its against the law , to hoax
    your death”.
    Kelly Burgess her son Jason Woolbright said:'”yes i saw,
    the first broadcast -show Elvis conspiracy Sightings.”
    It was very similar to the real thing ,the broadcast.
    Well,My mother had heard some information,
    about Elvis Presley sighted in Kalamazoo Michigan.
    So the two of us decided to go down there,
    Try to find out if any truth to that rumor,
    So we went there we went to the local restaurant,
    we had heard Elvis had been reported sighted there.
    while we were there one of the patrons had suggested.
    That Elvis presley had been sighted renovated office building.
    they suggested that we go there ,when we went there.
    My mother (Kelly Burgess) went inside the office buildings.
    start talking to few of the building tenants, and while we
    were there talk to some of the tenants this man entered,
    the room demanded we leave the tenants alone and he
    escorted us outside.(bill bixby ask do feel saw Elvis?)
    Jason Woolbright said:”I can’t really say for certain.”.
    (bill bixby ask him what did the man look like?)
    Jason Woolbright said:”He had glasses,greyish hair,
    and a beard also he was wearing jean overalls.
    (bill bixby ask how did it end?) Jason Woolbright said:”
    well during the questioning my mother ask him some real
    serious questions concerning Elvis presley death.
    Ths man he start get real rude by the answers,
    the questions ,by nod his head, he say yes or no.
    Then after that my mother just walk out of the
    building that was the end of that.”that was it”.


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