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Film Review: In Chambers (short film) (2011)


A portrayal of how reality is experienced for those who are in coma, and further how the system works in this seemingly macabre and hostile place.


Imagine if you will, you wake up in a strange environment that offers no real answers. Your a new occupant here sporting a numbered wristband. An old man whispers to you not reveal his location as a couple of suspicious men enter the room. One of them wears a gas mask reminding you of some old science film. They simply walk away holding the person they came for down that long corridor.

This is the vision of director Aleksander Nordaas’s short film titled “In Chambers”. The film serves as a promotional prelude into his later feature film titled “Thale”. The confused focus of this film is a woman, who is undergoing a coma and is injected into a rather “dystopian” (I believe we are calling it) reality that acts as a gateway between the life she knew and death.

You might even suspect George Orwell lurking behind one of those doors. Her inclusion is brief as a another advises her on what to expect. It’s quite beautiful and haunting in its short time frame of 10 minutes. Viewers will be more inclined to check out Nordaas’s follow up work when its complete based on this vision alone. In the style of shorts, we are only introduced to an idea, that could splinter off into a fully realized world and storyline. Very nice work and surprisingly advanced for its format.

In Chambers (short film) (2011)

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