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Comic Review: Green Wake – Issue 6

Issue: Green Wake #6
Writer: Kurtis Wiebe
Artist: Riley Rossmo
Publisher: Image
Release Date: October 2011
Pages: 32
Price: $3.50

“The next chapter of the critically acclaimed saga returns and the face of Green Wake has been forever changed. A new threat to the once-quiet shores surfaces when rowboats wash ashore with nothing but fresh blood as a passenger and a new arrival begins a campaign to unite Green Wake’s inhabitants with unknown purpose.”

Dying Breath: 4.5 out of 5
I think a new word is needed to describe the horror and mystery storytelling, both written and visual, that is going on in Green Wake, and I want to call it Wieley, someone call Websters. Wieley (being a mix of the creators names) is basically the mixture of mystery, suspense and horror that you can find within the pages of this book. The story begins with a great starting point after the first arc. There is a jaw dropping opening scene, which I will get back to in a bit, but the writing here is top-notch. With a typical first issue in an arc, you get the basic story of catching up and then the building process begins to take shape. Wiebe brings it all to this issue to keep readers, like me, on track for more. The storyline is full of Wieley and I am hooked yet again.

The artwork by Riley is presented at its highest point with that opening scene. Let me just say that when you can sneak little things in like he did, you had me at “Ribbit.” I missed this series and it has only been a month since the trade came out. The Wieley factor is high, and I can not stress enough that you should be reading this series. It is easily in my top 3 of 2011. I am so happy to be back in Green Wake.

Artwork: 5.0 out of 5 • Story: 4.5 out of 5

If you would like to buy or know more about Green Wake you can find it at http://greenwakecomic.com/

Green Wake – Issue 6

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