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Comic Review: Green Wake – TPB

Issue: Green Wake TPB
Writer: Kurtis Wiebe
Artist: Riley Rossmo
Publisher: Image Shadowline
Release Date: October 2011
Pages: 136
Price: $16.99

“The highly acclaimed, repeat sellout series from writer KURTIS J. WIEBE and artist RILEY ROSSMO is a riveting tale of loss and horror. In the forgotten town of Green Wake, a string of grisly mutilations leads Morley Mack on the trail of a young woman named Ariel, who is the prime suspect. But when a stranger with startling connections to Ariel arrives under mysterious circumstances, Morley unravels a dark plot with a surprising link to his past. Collects GREEN WAKE #1-5.”

Artwork: 5.0 out of 5
Have you read a comic book that visually made you want to spend your whole day examining each and every panel? Studying the line work, trying to figure out how the colors work together so well, looking for anything that could be hidden visually? I said it on each review I did for this series so far and I will not stop now, Riley Rossmo was born to draw this book. If I loved his work on Proof and Cowboy Ninja Viking than it’s official that I am head over heels for what he has done on this book because it is just pure simple perfection. enough gushing, the panels in this collection contain a great amount of detail and information. The designs fit the mold set by the story and are consistent throughout. The over the top 2 page spreads though, made this headless man drool and slightly pass out. This is how this story was meant to be seen.

Story: 5.0 out of 5
“Ladies and Gentlemen, Kurtis Wiebe is stepping up to plate. He’s a relative newcomer to horror comic writing, but has a solid batting average in the medium. Here comes the pitch… OH WIEBE GOT A HOLD OF IT! IT IS LEAVING THE STADIUM FOLKS! A SOLID OUT OF THE PARK HOME RUN!” Where on Earth, Mars or even within the Milky Way Galaxy did this story come from? I personally will start thanking Mr. Wiebe on a weekly basis for bringing this solid writing to my life. The idea and concept of Green Wake is 100% a mystery to one and all, however it seems that it can present itself differently to everyone. I see that, as the reader, as limitless potential to create a world that can never really end. If you like mystery books, this one is for you. If you like horror books, this one is for you. If you like amazing storytelling, this one is for you. Kurtis has a way with telling this tale that never left me bored, always had me at the edge of my seat, and threw me for so many loops, that even in the end I am going back to see what I missed the first time. Perfect storytelling.

Dying Breath: 5.0 out of 5
If I were to tell you that horror comics were Mexican food, then Green Wake would be the world’s perfect burrito. The layers it takes to come out with a comic book that I will give a solid 5 to is so few and far between. Rossmo and Wiebe were meant to do Green Wake, and I seriously, deep down as deep down can go, think that you would love this book too. The way that every single aspect, compliments the next aspect is just amazing. I can not and will not shut up about how great Green Wake is. Grab the issues or get this trade, because issue #6 is coming and it’s going to be adding more to this amazing horror comic burrito!

If you would like to buy or know more about Green Wake you can find it at http://greenwakecomic.com/

Book Review: Green Wake – TPB

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