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Book Review: How to Survive The End of the World as We Know it – Author James Wesley Rawles

While it probably might seem like an odd choice to include a review of a survival book on horror site, the purpose here is to directly support our 2012 articles and efforts.

This in fact happens to be my first book read on the subject of survival, so of course everything included is new, innovative and essential. The book is authored under James Wesley, Rawles who happens to also run the web site “survivalblog.com“. James wastes no time in getting down into the gritty and telling it like it is. The object, at least from what I could tell is to educate others on the event of ANY type of crisis, pandemic or world changing event that might disrupt our comfortable flow of life. He clearly states that only 2% provide the resources for the 98% leaving many of us under the pressure of someday being “without” and having to fend for ourselves.

What really hit home with me was some of his small but detailed lists that kind of put things into perspective. As stated you may not be able to run out and buy everything, but you can determine from the lists what things you can start thinking about and gathering.

For instance, me and my family might easily spend $40 on a meal, sometimes multiple times per week. Though to just invest $10 a week in supply gathering could actually feed our family for many weeks and save lives for that matter. The pages change from subject to subject that segue from preparation, explanation and education on how things “will” be in the event. It makes alot of sense and this information is not given lightly. In fact, a choice chapter might be James sections on “where” one might retreat to in the event. Certainly we all share the same need for survival but when the push comes to shop. Well many will shove to be the last living dominate survivors. Advice on guns, protection, weapons, approach and even the disadvantages and advantages of keeping yourself public are mentioned.

One tidbit I jotted down was the mention of using “pool shock” to disinfect 1000’s of gallons on water. Quite a piece of advice that is well worth the price of admission for this book. While we know full well that many will empty the shelves, buy up the water and take the most common road of storage…its the devil in the details that will matter. James gives us this advice thru his years of experience and insight into the human factor of world crisis. Often I would remind myself that worldly or not, the crisis could easily be as close to a local event that keeps us from those comforts we are used to.

The power goes out, for a week, for a month, for several months….might prove to be fatal without first hand information. Certainly the Internet will be unavailable leaving me from Googling the answers. This is fine book that deserves immediate order. It is also small enough to be enclosed in a survival bin or taken with in the event. Unlike some books on the market, this one is really a bare bones kind of read. Meaning no pictures, just insightful information for the masses. I highly recommend buying reading thru and acquiring some of these items immediately. If it stays resting in a survival bin, at least it can guide you on how to keep water purified and what to expect from your community and neighbors. In short, the time is now to get educated.

How to Survive The End of the World as We Know it – Author James Wesley Rawles

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