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Vamps: Tiffany Apan


Tiffany is a singer/songwriter/musician/composer/actress/model/writer/producer in the industry. She has worked on a variety of projects ranging from musical theater to music to docu-dramas to the horror genre. Her work in theater includes principle roles in productions of “Whispers Want to Holler,” “Fiddler on the Roof,” “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown,” and “Thoroughly Modern Millie.” Musically, she has released a critically acclaimed full length album titled “Poet” along with three EPs and four singles. Tiffany has also toured parts of the US in promotion of the music. She has a string of films being released to the festival circuit and to DVD throughout 2011 and 2012.

On DVD, you can catch her in “The Girl” (also starring Debbie Rochon, Lisa Neeld, and Ari Lehman), “Slashers Gone Wild” (starring Robyn Griggs), “Into the Pit: The Story Behind Deadpit.com,” “Heavy Mental,” and “Die Laughing” (currently on the film festival circuit and coming to DVD in 2012). You can also catch music from her album on the soundtracks to “The Girl” and the supernatural thriller “The Farm” (also screening and on DVD from Ghost Walk Productions). In 2010, the music video for an adaptation of “Scarborough Fair” off of Tiffany’s album won first place in the Open Music Video Category at the 2010 Indie Gathering in Cleveland, OH. In addition to being the recording artist of the video, she also produced and co-directed the video with Zane Hersherberger.

Tiffany is currently channeling the experience she had working on her music videos into writing and directing her own scripts through her production company and indie label, Poets Labyrinth. A gothic, supernatural thriller titled “Driving Nowhere” is currently in production and two more film projects are in the works including a short that is inspired by the Blair Witch Project. Other future projects include the apocolyptic sci-fi film, “Hollow Earth” (set to film in spring of 2012), the historical docu-drama “Resolution: A Portait of Amelia Earhart” (currently in post-production), and “Devolution” (in post-production; songs from her album are included on the soundtrack). Musically, she is writing and recording her second full length album. In addition to all this, Tiffany is also a writer for Rogue Cinema Webzine.

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