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Book Review: Warped Words for Twisted Minds – Author Christopher C Payne

Short Stories compiled by JournalStone’s Christopher C Payne

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, after all we’re all humanery stew if we don’t pledge allegiance to…

….I love the dead before they rise. No farewells no good-byes, I never even knew your now rotting face. Cadaver eyes upon me see….nothing.

Ah, nothing says Halloween better than a good, solid blood curdling, spooky, banshee wailing collection of short stories. Carefully and personally selected by editor Christopher C Payne, Warped Words is a brilliant avant garde of tales from the dark side. Fourteen deviant authors serve up a copious quantity of masterpiece chiller.

Stylish, unobtrusive and unapologetically bold and gory, each story preys upon our innate need to find what lurks in the darkness, what skitters and scampers in the walls and what eclipses our faculties and dementia. Wonderfully descriptive, suspenseful and gripping Warped Words could leave you sleep deprived and pushing the boundaries of paranoia. So take head avid readers, Warped Words for Twisted Minds is not for the faint of heart or for impressionable minds. Just a sample of the macabre offerings:

• Huddled Masses By Corey R. Scales-a creepy passage of rats lurking in the walls alludes to something even more dastardly sinister.
• Death by Darkness by Jasmine June-A little girl’s vision of soul snatching demons is shrugged off as a fear of the dark.
• Saya by Chandru Bhojwani-Rakesh, a pillar in society goes to see Dr. Virani, psychiatrist and discloses an ominous secret transcending the Dr’s family into latent turmoil.
• Perfect by Avery K Tingle-Home is where the heart is, or a reasonable facsimile of.
• Inevitable Death By Christopher C Payne-when next of Kin becomes next of din.
• Valley of Gods By Michael D Griffiths-zombie plague survival 101 meets the decay of society infrastructure.
• Black Snow By Elizabeth Reuter-when the fruit of one’s loins grows bitter and sour.

These are a mere morsel of what can be found here in Warped Words. But don’t take my word for it, get comfortable, sit back and enjoy the thrill ride your Twisted Minds may never be quite the same.

*Italic quotations from Alice Cooper The Black Widow & I Love the Dead

Warped Words for Twisted Minds – Author Christopher C Payne

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