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Home | Film Review: T is for Trick (short film) (2011)

Film Review: T is for Trick (short film) (2011)


A simple piece that runs just over 4 minutes. Shade has taken just that…a simple idea focused on two men who walk over a decent lengthy distance to meet within the confines of a small alley peepshow nook. As these rather burly men engage, they embrace and begin a gay exchange of affection. Though the clincher comes when we find that each has more sinister motives leading to a short but sweet knife exchange. The small short is void of any dialog but does include a trendy edgy score.

The premise seems only to serve up its point under a blanket of cinematography and camera swagger. The piece is one short that comes from a collective called “The ABC’s of Death”. 4 Minutes isn’t alot of time to squeeze in story, but what is interesting here is that as a viewer, we are left to fill in all the blanks on our own accord. Why, what and how come are never satisfied in presentation, just that the missing elements are reserved for our own analogy of how these 2 men came to this situation. A unique piece that makes you think and explore more imaginative story building.

T is for Trick (2011)

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